why wont an Outlook .csv file import into Yahoo Contacts or Calendar?

i have done this before for years with success but now none of the .csv files will import into Yahoo. i got my contacts to import today by opening the excel file (.csv) and deleting all of the columns with #### in them but the calendar still will not import. the import process only brings in birthdays and anniversaries but no other appointments. has anyone got a recommendation on a solution for this issue? any suggestions would be appreciated...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I'm having a similar problem with Outlook 2003 and presume there is a temporary issue with the Yahoo Mail import process for Outlook files. Hopefully they will get it fixed soon.

    In my situation, I create a windows csv file of my contacts in Outlook but when importing into Yahoo mail it loads zero contacts.

    But, Hotmail and Gmail have no problems recognizing the Outlook Contacts csv file and the contacts load just fine. To get around the problem with Yahoo Mail, try the following:

    * Export a Windows csv file of the contacts from Outlook

    * Import the Outlook csv file into a Hotmail account, now all your contacts from Outlook are in Hotmail.

    * Export a Hotmail Contacts csv file.

    * In Yahoo mail, import the Hotmail Contacts csv file. You'll need to choose the Microsoft Outlook CSV file as an import option but just load the Hotmail csv file.

    * Press import now button and your contacts should load into Yahoo Mail.

    Kind of a hassle but it worked for me

    Good luck

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