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Anonymous asked in HealthAlternative Medicine · 1 decade ago

Hey does this mean that people are waking up and choosing health with alternative treatments?

In case you have not heard, the stocks of the largest pharmaceutical companies are getting killed. Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMY), Merck (MRK) and Schering-Plough (SGP) are down more than 60 percent from their recent highs. Pfizer (PFE) and Eli Lilly (LLY) are down over 40 percent. Company and product specific problems and the general malaise hanging over big pharma have brought down prices.


You say youre so called medicine saves lives and I think not. It only hides symptoms to make people more comfortable. Covering up the real problem that lay inside these poor people's bodies. Open your eyes and stop feeding us your poisons.

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  • Tony I
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    1 decade ago
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    As best I can tell it is a combination of people losing faith in mainstream drugs and the economy. When basic housing and food are hardly affordable medicine and insurance sometimes take a back seat.

    Things like the Vioxx scandal, Gardasil and other scandals have taken a toll no doubt. A lot of people may be taking a look at the system of managed illness in general too. But I suspect that the economy is playing the larger role.

    I think it is a tragedy for people to have to go without medical treatments and medicine they depend on and can only hope that at least some of them will discover cheaper alternatives that will help them.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well with people being laid off and not having a job, well they just don't have the money to purchase medications. Could this fall under a case of Supply & Demand?


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Companies stock isn't doing good right now you say? Why this is unheard of!

    We are in one of the most prosperous periods in this nations history, why would stocks be down??

    Why just the other day I bought a bottle full of viagra and threw it straight in the garbage! God bless America!

    Stocks are down across the board. Congratulations on stating the obvious.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If they are turning to alt med, it would not be because it works. It would be due to other factors, or combination of factors, like the economic downturn making proper healthcare less affordable, or the plethora of marketing the alties have out there, or the massive amount of quackery being sold on the internet these days, or even Oprah.

    From :

    "The economic downturn is causing an upturn in alternative medicine usage. Sales of vitamins and herbal supplements, in particular, have risen substantially since the recession began, reports the Associated Press.

    Rising health care costs, combined with tighter incomes, are leading more Americans to turn to alternative medicines for relief of their physical and mental ailments, say experts. According to the Associated Press in one three month period ending December 2008, retail vitamin and supplement sales jumped almost 10 percent over the same period in 2007."

    In any case, it's a real concern. Peoples lives are at risk.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    How easy it is to knock the pharmaceutical companies, the companies you mentioned (one of whom I worked for) save millions of lives with real medicines, probably members of your family or yourself, have you ever been vaccinated? have you ever been in hospital for an operation?

    XXXXX Just to mention two products that my company makes , one is Betaferon for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis, the other Magnevist which is used to detect brain tumours during MRI scans XXXXXX

    Shake your bag of bones at those two just for starters!!!

    Homoeopathy and acupuncture wouldn't have helped you there, have you noticed a reciprocal rise in the sales of acupuncture needles, or the water bills go up for the manufacture of homoeopathy remedies?

    Source(s): Retired Pharmaceutical Rep. EDIT: Antibiotics kill bacteria, isulin saves the lives of diabetics, anaesthetics make operations possible, bone marrow, kidney, heart, lung and liver transplants save lives, contrast media identify urinary tract blockages during X-Rays. The top ten killers in the Uk are:- Heart disease - 20.2% Cerebrovascular diseases - 7.9% Lung cancer - 6.9% Chronic lower respiratory disease - 5.6% Flu/pneumonia - 5% Prostate cancer - 3.7% Colon cancer - 3.1% Lymph cancers - 2.3% Alzheimer's disease/dementia - 2.1% Aortic aneurysm - 2% They can ALL either be cured or controlled by real medicines, do your witch doctors dance around that lot, and then go back to school.
  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    Yeah, well my stocks in home construction are in the toilet.....must be because Yurts are becoming popular as a housing option :)

    [C'mon, I couldn't help myself....]

  • dave
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    BMY: Share price has climbed over the last year:

    MRK: Share price has rocketted over the last year:

    PFE: Share price highest its been over the last year:

    Hmm...must be all those multivitamins and supplements the alties have been buying........

  • janie
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    well my son works at one of the companies you mentioned and I know they have laid off many of the workers and his new promotion he beat out many Nationwide on started saying they might phase it out just 2 months into it saying it may be eliminated as well and they also laid off some big bosses over him, but not sure why exactly or if it is just in this area or nationwide. They are overworking him like 80 hours a week on salary and half his days are spent traveling for the company.

    I would think that all the deaths and injuries might have soured some people from taking drugs or the reports of faked drug studies but knowing how awful the average Americans diet is and how they take a lot of drugs, I am not sure that they have embraced the natural alternative health bandwagon.

    I sort of fear if their sales keep dropping, that they will finally get congress to ban herbs and supplements and require prescriptions via their lobbyists and campaign contributions etc.

    look how they bend over backwards trying to appease them instead of giving us true universal health care nor putting any alternative medicine or prevention into the bill...of course if more people are covered maybe they will sell more drugs and stay on top of it.

    We can be sure our health is incidental to the big companies though they might care somewhat..if they really wanted us to be well they could do so much in the way of covering alternative health and doing public education, cleaning up our schools of crap foods, etc..billions could be saved on prevention alone.

    Also some people may not be using the drugs as they have no insurance or health coverage or cannot afford the drugs and I suspect HMOs are not paying for some of the drugs and using more generics and cheaper substitutes for their clients and this may be cutting into their former products. also as the recent Michael Moore movie showed sometimes their employees are worth more to a company dead than alive.

    Also moving into old and middle age are the massive numbers of baby boomers more insistent on trying to stay healthy and young than their parents/grandparents before them. The internet gives them more knowledge than their predecessors but their predecessors grew up with more organic and less chemicalized foods as I remember the fifties were not that bad yet.

    We had farmer's markets then selling fresh and often organic produce, raw milk milk men, fertile free range eggs and definitely less chemicals and fast foods then. Having less stress was also a factor in people being healthier and happier perhaps in the older generation then even though people are working harder on their health now, they have more challenges nowadays due to all the pollution, agribusinesses, filthy foods, fast foods, junk and fake foods etc, but maybe despite all this the drugs use is less. I would think lots of this is people cannot afford to be sick and thus try a little harder to stay well..

    Americans may be using more supplements I am most certain and trying to eat better diets and herbs more but the drug companies will not go quietly into the night. since the same people often own the mega agribusinesses, and big food companies that care nothing about our health and use deceptive food labels, own the chemcial plants, the media etc they will likely increase their bad unlabeled things they put in our food or water and pollute the air or put out some fake stories or scare tactics tor ban the natural stuff. They have a lot of power.

    It is a definite threat to them if they lose sales if more and more people are turning to their health food stores and improving their diets and they saw what happended with organics, natural childbirth and other trends in the past and how they had difficulty counter balancing things for as it filtered down, everyone started jumping on the bandwagon, but even so, still hospital births and the wide range of crappy food products is still here in large amounts despite some enlightened individuals

    Look for them, to create more drugs to prevent illnesses so they have a lifetime customer or some miracle drug for the ills our nation's people face or to fake more drug study test and kill more of us as collateral damage. Trust me as we seek to improve our health, they will find some way to harm it to hook us on their drugs with fear and lack of knowledge.

    Just tonight I heard that 50 million Americans are getting tons of minute amounts of drugs in their water from the stuff flushed down toilets. This is really awful for those of us trying to avoid drugs like the plague..

    I am torn..if everyone wants only organics or healthy produce/food and herbs, they may not have enough to around or raise the price exorbitantly...I remember a special on TV once saying if noone would eat chemical food, they could not produce enough to feed us all. So if everyone does, it maybe one day only the rich will be able to afford it.

    Source(s): Still, if we all demanded clean food, it would help people and the environment and hopefully somehow the businesses would respond to the demand and prices may fall to meet the it is, I will continue to try to help others and let the cards fall where they may. I am sure some people will want to continue their lifestyle and junk foods etc and if they get sick, hope for a pill to fix years of bad living, so either way, I doubt they will go out of business despite the spread of alternative health. since more are returning to alternative health due to finances, some may see they are superior as long as they are getting good products.
  • 1 decade ago

    All companies are down. If you haven't heard, there was a bit of a market crash recently. So no, it doesn't mean that anyone is choosing scam remedies.

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