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Trent Lott vs. Harry Reid?

Harry Reid said:

That Obama is light skinned (which he is being genetically half-white) and that he doesn't speak with an African American vernacular dialect (which he doesn't).

Trent Lott said:

It was a shame that a segregationist was not elected president in 1948 and that America would have been much better off if we had a president who said at his Dixiecrat convention speech, "I wanna tell you, ladies and gentlemen, that there's not enough troops in the army to force the Southern people to break down segregation and admit the n i g g e r race into our theaters, into our swimming pools, into our homes, and into our churches."

Who is more racist in your opinion?

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    The intent of Harry Reid was to identify prevailing attitudes nationwide, and he was simply being honest or pragmatic, not racist at all. Someone may have asked, "Do you think that Barack Obama could win against Hillary Clinton?" ... or ... "against John McCain?" and Senator Reid, with an eye toward the nation's voting populace, was basically saying yes. As I've said before on this forum, I live in the heart of the so-called "Bible belt" where rednecks are the norm and, believe it or not, the lightness of then-candidate Obama's skin WAS a topic of discussion among flannel-wearing bearded fellows having breakfast at McDonald's during deer-hunting season. They didn't want to vote for McCain or that there "liberated fee-male" Hillary, so they were trying to talk themselves into accepting "a black man" for president, and one of the fellows actually said, "Well, he's only half-black...and he's smart as hell" to which another fellow at the same table said, "I heard he's going to take all our guns...I'm not for that" and a third fellow made a derrogatory remark about Hillary in that regard...lol.

    Here's a rather humorous twist on the whole "prejudice" issue: Barack Obama won over Hillary because he was a guy. The well-entrenched old-boy network just could not bring themselves to give so much power to a woman because in their minds...that would be just "going too far." A lot of men in my neck of the woods felt that this nation is "just not ready for a fee-male president" so they allowed a gender bias to prevail...LOL! The media has totally missed this as a topic for discussion, but then the media misses many subtle realities on a daily basis.

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    each and every Democrat who's based upon this diagnosis has to grant what Reid and Lott "fairly meant" whilst they made their comments. all the argument relies upon assumptions and psychic information curiously possessed basically by Democrats. Lott extra those comments on the party of Strom Thurmond's a centesimal birthday and became into merely attempting to make an previous guy experience solid. Do you heavily have faith that he became into endorsing his candidacy of 1948 and overtly wishing we had remained a segregated united states? this is previous ridiculous. you may no longer tell me that if any Republican had stated precisely what Harry Reid stated that the Left does no longer be howling for blood suitable now. The hypocrisy this is outstanding. And enable's communicate approximately Strom Thermond. particular, he became right into a vile segretationist in his day. yet so became into Robert Byrd, who became right into a member of the Klan as properly. Why is it, in terms of Byrd, that we would desire to continuously enable bygones be bygones and know that he's replaced...yet even a reference by Trent Lott acknowledging that Strom Thurmond became right into a competent guy (no count in case you have faith that or no longer) is grounds for his resignation?

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    i Would say that trent is more racist as you have to take into account the context of the speach during Reid's time in the senate he has voted many times to ghelp African Ammericans and has campaighned with an African American which are hardly the acts of a racist, and I beluieve the reason he is speaking in a racist way is that he is from an older time when saying ***** as well as a coloured persojn was a perfectly acceptable statement. Now Trent Lott was a segregationist and in hios mi9nd believed that African-ameri9cans were below white Americans so obviously he is more racist.

    But reids's coomments were unaceptable.

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    Obama and Reid must really be worried when they send people like you out twisting the truth.

    Please provide an honest direct quote of what Trent Lott said, not a quote from someone else.

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    Trent because the fact he revealed he wanted to segregate the nation and give no rights to the african americans

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    Asking something like that, is the same as a pregnant woman saying, "I'm just a little bit pregnant".

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    It makes no difference...you can not justify the WRONG actions of one by pointing at another who did wrong as well....you CAN use others to compare punishment/reprocussions...

    A Dem makes a RACIST comment...all is forgiven / excused.....A GOP member makes a comment and must resign....

    Source(s): When liberals give you a thumbs down ..you KNOW your RIGHT and the TRUTH hurts their feelings
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    gee, did you "forget" the last part of the reid comment...? let me refresh your memory...it is...UNLESS HE WANTS TO. reid obviously realizes that obama can manipulate race and does so. the answer is clearly obama.

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