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Should Haitians illegally living in the U.S. get "Temporary Protected Status" due to the disaster in Haiti?

Haitian-American and immigrant activists who greeted President Barack Obama's election with high hopes are growing frustrated with the administration's failure to deliver one of their top goals.

Obama said in July he was "very sympathetic" to the community's request to allow Haitian immigrants now illegally in the country to stay temporarily, but no decision has been announced. Some activists say their patience is wearing thin.

"I feel they are stringing us along, and we are in an awkward position," said Randolph McGrorty, head of Catholic Charities Legal Services, who brought the subject to a head with a stinging e-mail sent to House, Senate and administration staffers last week. "Do we allow them to string us along because they are our allies or do we start calling them on the carpet for it?"

The unrest comes as Obama plans a trip to Miami on Monday to raise money for House and Senate Democrats. Presidential candidate Obama did not promise to grant undocumented Haitian immigrants temporary legal status in the United States -- a designation known as Temporary Protected Status, or TPS -- but activists said they believed the first African-American president would give the issue special consideration.

Haitians press Obama on immigration goals

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    well, I would point out that Central Americans got temporary protected status when Hurricane Mitch hit there a few years back. and, TPS can be given for natural disasters by law. at the moment, I don't think anyone really knows just how bad this just yet is but if it's bad enough, TPS probably would be given.

    Edit: By the way, DHS has announced it will temporarily suspend deporting anyone back to Haiti.

    2nd edit: DHS announced TPS for Haitians on January 15th.

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    The surviving Haitians should not abandon ship but stay in their country as that is where the jobs will be in rebuilding their infrastructure. May be this disaster will bring the country together and help heal their past conflicts. This is a perfect time for them to rebuild their country and heal the wounds of all the civil strife of the past.

    If they come to the US, there will be no jobs for them and they will end up homeless and much worse off down the road.

    The US can certainly send aid and assist them in any way that is needed.

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    "As far as we are concerned, regarding Haiti, the Obama administration is maintaining the same status quo as the Bush immigration policy," said Jean-Robert Lafortune, the coalition's president.

    It sure doesn't sound like it will happen anytime soon.

    I hope we help in some way this is a devastating event. Not only is this the strongest quake in Haiti in 200 yrs, But it was in the worst location possible.

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    No. If they broke our laws to get here then they are guilty of that still. Earthquake doesn't make them legal. Perhaps they should be held in a detention centre until their courtcase is resolved but then what is decided should stand. Why would race come into it? I thought that Obama said it didn't and that he thought everyone was equal and should be treated that way. Are you saying he should be racist because he is a black man? Tut! Tut! You really should get it together as this is definitely coming over as one sided, condonement of a crime committed, and racist.

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    so whenever there is a disaster in the world, everyone in that country deserves to live in America no questions asked?

    Disasters happen everywhere, everyday...

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    NO, they deserve nothing here. not our fault natural disasters have happened to them. There are people who lived thru hurricane katrina who still have gotten no help etc....

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    I think it is awful that they are appealing to him in this manner. It is shameful for them to bring race into it! No one should expect or tolerate preferential treatment because of race. Low blow. Just for that....................................

    Can you imagine someone saying "I'd like to ask for a favor, and I demand it NOW!"?!

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    MY patience is wearing thin with people living here illegally, where do they get the balls to even say something like that? oh, thanks for aids too

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