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1.Do you think think desertification is destructive? did dust-fall affect people in Beijing?

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    Yes, it will mainly affect 4 areas on that regions.


    2 Soil.


    4 Weather

    Air will contain many sand and dust particles which will cause the breathing problems among animals and people.

    Lack of plants will drop the oxygen level in that area. Soil will be not solidified enough for any building nor animal living. Minirals in the soil will not be able to maintain. Weather will be very extreme because desert will gain and lose heat in a very fast rate.

    Till today, no human nor many animals can really make use of desert land, they are dead lands.

    Dust-fall surely affects people. Directly it will irritate eyes, and breathing systems. Pollute the water there and also those dusts are normally acidic in nature, it will kill plants (by washing away the minerials in the soils.) and fish (source of foods).

    Acidic particles will also damage buildings, metals and limestone structures.

    Tourism will also be affected if the condition of the air is so poor. (No one will enjoy a place that can't even breath well.)

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