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why is floyd mayweather putting up smoke screens to avoid being KO'ED by manny pacquiao?

this must be a first i have ever heard of any athlete ,the trick mayweather is trying to pull to win! he wants many to give two viles of blood just before the fight claiming manny is on drugs or performance drugs to be able to take punches the way he does to win! in the olympics where every athlete must take a blood test for performance drugs the testing must be done about a week before and if they win taken again right after but NOT just before an event! can you imagine low the track 100 meters times would be?or if the marathon athletes would even make it to the finish line at all?come on mayweather you will never be the next ALI or sugar ray leonard or sugar ray robinson acting like chicken,when ali fought Smokin joe the first time he made no excuses after he lost! when sugar ray leonard lost to Roberto Duran he took his whoopin like a man! holyfield took his beatin by Bowe like a man no excuses so why show the world how Truly afraid you are of Manny Pacquio ?is it because you really are afraid that you might lose to a Filipino fighter ?ha ha! if mayweather does not fight manny ,manny will be called the best because he is ready to fight may-chicken weather but mayweather is afraid!!!!!

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    During the initial phase of the now aborted Mann Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather fight, Bob Arum initially wanted the fight to be held at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Golden Boy’s second chief Richard Scahefer scoffed the idea, saying Mayweather does not like because it is an outdoor stadium.

    But with the recent development of things, some little details broke the surface may probably be the biggest reason why Mayweather never wanted the Dallas Cowboys Stadium to host the fight – he was using a widely-banned illegal substance. The irony is that such drug is legal in, coincidentally, the state of Nevada.

    In an article written by Frank Gonzales in April 21, 2002, it is revealed that Floyd Mayweather has been using a painkiller called Xylocaine to treat the pain caused by his brittle hands, which have been injured numerous times in the past.

    However, Xylocaine is proven to enhance a boxer’s performance.

    It effectively numbs the boxer’s hands, making it less susceptible to pain caused by punching constantly. With the pain efficiently blocked out, Xylocaine, in effect, enables the boxer to throw more powerful shots. If that is the case, then Mayweather may not have been fighting on a leveled playing field in some of his fights.

    And to call Pacquiao a steroids user when in fact he has a history of using a widely-banned drug not only tarnishes his reputation as a boxer, but also brings his legacy to a pool of mud. Soaked and dirtied, there is no way Mayweather can clean this one.

    The karmic boomerang does hurt.

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    Jose I respect your opinion bro and you are a top contributor in this boxing section on yahoo answers however, you got to understand I know the reason that Manny Pacquiao is not getting the best fights out there available for him is because right now we all know that the both boxing promotions Golden Boy Promotions and Top Rank Inc. are bitter rivals and they can not do business together. Why do you think they didn't make the trilogy with Juan Manuel Marquez 3 for the next Pacman fight? There are a lot of top boxers out there for Manny to fight Timothy Bradley, Andre Berto and Sergio Martinez are the top three that I can think of. These fights can be made because two of the fighters Martinez and Berto are with Lou DiBella Entertainment and the other fighter Timothy Bradley is with Gary Shaw Promotions so, these fights can be made in the future. Manny Pacquiao says that he will then retire from boxing in 3 years a lot of good potential fights can be made. With Floyd Mayweather Jr. he's got to get through his legal troubles he is in some "deep water" with the charges he's facing in that larceny case if he does get off on those charges he'd better call out Manny Pacquiao. If Floyd Mayweather Jr. can't get the fight with Manny Pacquiao because of what he's requesting in those test then, Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr needs to step up and fight all the best boxers in the world just how Oscar De La Hoya would do in his day. He should give the next generation and the current champions a chance to fight Bradley, Berto, Martinez or even a Miguel Cotto fight that would be one to watch on pay per view television.

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    it all comes down to this.

    Mayweather is an arrogant prick.

    Pacquiao's fights are exciting and you feel you got your moneys worth.

    Mayweathers fights are boring and you''ll feel ripped off.

    many people loves pacquiao's attitude.many people hates the mayweather family

    mayweather's zero doesn't mean anything.

    Pacquiao's 7 world titles are nearly impossible to break for a very long time. if not never.

    there are more and more people that believes pacquiao as this drama unfolds.

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    the "0" on his record is his asset. its the only thing that makes him more money and when he retire.. people will say Floyd is great boxer coz he got no losses.. "All hail almighty Floyd"!

    well we cant read what peoples minds since there are tons of boxers out there with 0 loss (Valero, JC Chavez Jr, Marvin Sonsona etc etc etc) all of them are no where near Pacquaio, Mosley,Ali, or OLDH achievements.

    "The only way you can achieve victory is having to face defeat" Pacquaio!

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    1. FAME



    These three major subjects will be taken away from Mayweather if he'll be KO'ed by Pacquiao.

    One last, His big mouth will be busted too.

  • Wtf are you talking about it they don't take two viles of blood and Floyd is taking the same exact test so i don't know why Manny is acting like such a little *****. And besides Floyd Mayweather agreed to a cutoff of 14 DAYs before the fight and Manny still refused.

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