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How can i become closer to my friends?

I've never had a bff. I've always wanted one. Its not because of moving. Im a shy person. and im more antisocial. I try to talk. my friends always mess around with me. they know that i knwo there joking I don't know if ill have a bff in my life time. No one takes me seriously what should i do and how to i get out of this shy random state ive been like this sense i was 5

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    First of all, don't think your not normal because you are. Some people are just shy and that is perfectly ok.

    Second, i think the reason you've never had a bff is because you've never met someone who your reallycompatiblee with. Bff's have ALOT in common.

    I think u should try and get involved with some more groups or do some extra curricularr activities at your school so you can meet some more people and hopefully, you'll will find someone who you just "click" with.

    Lastly, don't just expect the "click" to happen. If your truely meant to be bffs then it will happen but that doesn't mean you have to put in a little bit of effort. When you find someone who you think would make a good friend, really make the effort to get to know them. Always smile and keep a positive attitude. Because seriously, who is going to shake off a nice, happy person who generally shows an interestt in becoming Friends.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck for the future!

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