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Sightseeing places in the U.S. for a road trip?

Me and my friends want to go on a road trip for our senior trip and have no clue where to go! We'll be starting out in Ohio and go from there. We want to see all 50 states (not Hawaii or Alaska though) and want to stay on a low budget as possible. Got any ideas? We're still not sure when to go. Spring? Summer? Fall? Definitely not Winter. Maybe just Fall or Spring? Anyway, you guys have any really neat places to go see? We all love the country side and mother nature. We just want to get a good look at the country we're living in.

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    -Pacific Ocean

    -Los Angeles

    -San Francisco

    -Grand Canyon (Arizona)

    -Grand Teton (Wyoming)

    -Yellowstone (Wyoming)

    -Hoover Dam (Arizona/Nevada)


    -Pictured Rocks N.L. (Upper Peninsula of Michigan)


    -Gateway Arch (St. Louis)

    -Cahokia Mounds (Just outside of St. Louis)

    -Black Hills (South Dakota)


    -Niagara Falls (New York/Ontario)






    -Acadia National Park (Maine)




    -Everglades (Florida)

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    3 weeks, no way in case you opt to easily see something. maybe six weeks however. you'll have a minimum of sooner or later to be certain something in any of those places, extra effective than that for the time of a few of those places. At this element, 20 places in 21 days could already be a stretch - even without taking employing into attention. a number of your drives are short (e.g. Calgary to Banff, approximately 2 hours), some are incredibly long (e.g. Edmonton to Winnipeg, approximately 15 hours). So your first step: be certain the appliance time between each and each place. Then paintings from there.

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    Considering your from Ohio, I would think late spring, summer and early fall would be a good time to plan your trip. Here are a few suggestions of places to see:

    -Mackinac Bridge (Michigan)

    -Door County/Green Bay (Wisconsin)

    -Holy Hill (Wisconsin)


    -Gateway Arch (Missouri)

    -Anywhere along the Mississippi River (My favorites are near Winona, MN/LaCrosse, WI and just north of St. Louis)

    -Badlands/Mt. Rushmore (South Dakota)

    -Yellowstone/Jackson Hole (Wyoming)

    -Rocky Mountains (Colorado)

    -Salt Lake City and vicinity

    -Grand Canyon (Arizona)

    -Hoover Dam (Nevada)

    -New York City

    -Cape Cod (Massachusetts)

    -Washington, DC

    -Appalachian Mtns. (New York to Virginia)

    -Smoky Mtns. (North Carolina)



    Hope this list helped. Have fun!

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    ohio... Well.. i would start out heading west.... not really to see in indiana or illinois... but minisota and south dakota you have the rolling hills and comes the black hills.. there youi have mount rushmore, needles highway, crazyhorse, badlands, tons of wildlife in custer state park. keep goin west to near cheyenne, wy. youi will find devils tower. one of my favorites. north to montana, redlodge is a nice small town with tons of mountains. ive done some backpacking in the mountains up there... beautiful area... west up to Glacier national park, go see the last of the glaciers before we have to rename the national park.... head south down to yellowstone, one of the largest waterfalls in north america.. old faithful... all the gysers... really cool... head west to washinton through the mountains get to mt st hellens... my dad was out there right after it blew its top... said its some thing to see even tho its already been goin on 30 years... you can still see what it did... south through oregon and to the sequia national forest.. see some really big trees... and drive through one... personally im not a fan of california but the northern half isnt to bad... follow the coast down through cali to nevada... everyone has to see vegas at least once... but be careful.. its a crazy city... ive learned my lesson... on south over the hoover damn before they restrict that from being driven over... see the grand canyon... its so big your eyes cant concieve it... looks fake... have to see arizona's meteor crater.... its huge... a mile across... worth checking out... watch out for the elk out there.. almost hit one... be aware of the elk crossing signs.. east through new mexico... alot of nice country out there.. on to ROSWELL... that is a weird town... if you could imagine why... thats what the towns theme is... definetly somethign to pass through and south to carlsbad... nothing for a town but there is one of the worlds largest cave systems down there... unbelieveably huge... and a bat show... everynight swarms of bats fly out... north through colorado... on the wester side there is a high way called the million dollar high way... i dont know why its called that but it is dubbed one of the most dagerous roads in the world... me and my brother drove it in the middle of winter and middle of the night... well before we knew why... research it before driving it... you would understand why... can pass the continental divide again... and south of colorado springs you have the worlds highest suspension bridge.... its called royal gordge... and it sways in the wind... north to colorado springs you have pikes peak towering over the town and a big rock formations right outside of town... called garden of the gods... unfortunatly east of that is nebraska.. cant say much for that state... id go around it... lol alot of nothing around there but once you get back around lebenon missouri... there is a state park/campground there... pretty cool one... i stayed there... there is a stream right next to it and there is some big trout in it... and just up the road is a fish hatchery... and a dirty city of st louis... have to go to the arch to the west... on a windy day you can feel it swaying... and the elevator is liek 3 feet across at most and they will cram like 5-6 people in it... kidna crazy... great view tho... well i pretty much only got the western half of the country... my favorite half... i have alot of places to check out to the south aswell... down in georgia and floriday... let me know if you want any more suggestions.... have fun.....

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