computer keeps shutting down, followed by the blue screen?

My computer keeps shutting down when I scan it. I've tried AVG and a few others, and when they scan for a few minutes, it will shut down and go to the blue screen. What can I do?

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    could be anything... bad drivers. corrupt registry. bad RAM or motherboard ect

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    Blue screen errors, or blue screen of death (BSOD) errors, are the most severe errors Windows can encounter. Since Windows can not recover from this kernel level error, a blue screen is displayed with the error details. The error details contain a STOP error code, which indicates the type of error.

    There are a lot of possible causes for blue screen errors, but most of them relate to the computer hardware. The cause of a BSOD error can be a temperature problem, a timing error, a resource conflict, hardware failure, a corrupt registry, a virus or simply a device incompatibility or driver error.

    In reality, the most common cause of blue screen errors is a device driver problem. Outdated, incorrect or corrupt drivers can cause the system to encounter a STOP error, resulting in the BSOD.So the easiest way to try and fix a blue screen error is to reinstall and update your system’s device drivers. This will ensure that all driver bugs are fixed and that all hardware has the correct driver. Scan your computer for free now!

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    It's either your hard drive or your RAM. It's really hard to guess which one though. It can be a bad cluster or sector on your HD and when AVG touches it with the scan it causes your PC to crash OR there is a problem with one of your RAM sticks and its crashing when its worked hard (like a virus scan). Open up your computer and remove one of your sticks of RAM (if you have 2 of course) then run your virus scan again, if it still crashes, put it back and take the other one out. If it's still crashing then try a new hard drive. It wouldn't hurt to write down the 'STOP_ERROR' code on the blue screen also, and then go here and research it...

    PS. check the stop error code first, it will tell you which piece of hardware is failing. Hopefully it's something simple like your RAM.

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    There are 3 step to repair blue screen shutting down error

    If you got blue screen shutting down error then there is a 94% chance that your computer has registry problems. You should fix it immediately. The following software is a professional fix blue screen shutting down error, in addition, you can fix many common computer errors. I think you should try it, I believe that it can help you:

    * Step 1 - Download a blue screen shutting down error repair tool,install this error repair tool.

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    Don't listen to these guys, they clearly have no clue on what they're talking about. I am a developer at Microsoft so I know a thing or two about computers. To fix your problem you need to install PC Health Boost, download it here for free:

    It's very light and it's the only antivirus/cleaner with a 99.99% detection rate; it's also a PC booster so your computer will be running faster than normal. Install it, hit run and problem solved. It shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes.

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    The Windows operating system constantly refers to the registry to get information about all of the components such as hardware and software which are installed on the computer. The registry tells Windows what to do and how to access the various programs, files, and processes.However, the registry can contain bad information which sends Windows off doing useless tasks or running unneeded routines. Sometimes errors occur including the blue screen of death. Other times the system slows down. Because of the sheer number of factors that can affect the registry, there’s no one size fits all approach. You can’t just go into the registry and remove the bad information because it’s nearly impossible to decipher which information is good and which information is bad. That’s a job better suited for software. I should like to commend Registry Easy to you ! You can scan your pc for free! Good luck!

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    Ok, that depends on how long the computer will stay on. If it stays on for exactly three minutes, you have BugBear, a virus that will shutdown the computer every three minutes. You need to find instructions on the internet to get rid of it.

    If its not that, shutdown the computer RIGHT AWAY and take it to a hardware computer place. My computer acted like that for a while, and then stopped working. A little 3 cent piece of plastic had broke, and i had to buy a hole new computer.

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    One option is to go in to safe mode and from there either uninstall recent programs/drivers or do a system restore. From my experience, the blue screen is from driver issues, not really any thing else, so I suggest starting there. If that doesn't solve your problems, it could also be a problem with your RAM, in which case, you would need to replace it.

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    Blue screen is bad graphic card

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    nothing cuz u bought windows

    i did too

    and have had the same problem several times and the way i resolved it was by jst reseting my computer to factoring defaults

    if u own a dell u can prabably fix it by repeatedly pressing F8 when the boot up screen appears

    thats how i did it

    o and if u still have warranty for it b sure to take full advantage of the warranty and get on the company's tail till they decide to fix your computer.

    hope u have nothing important on ur computer


    Source(s): self experience and a ton of other friends' experiences
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