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Why do so many southerners fly the Confederate flag?

I grew up in Montana and was always curious about this.

Isn't the American flag what's flown in the US?


If you want to fly any flag I really don't care, I just don't get the obsession over it.

Last summer I was in Georgia and it was everywhere I looked.

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    I've lived in the South all my life, and honestly you don't see it that much. Ole Miss (the University of MS) used to wave the Rebel flag at athletic events (they are the Ole Miss Rebels after all) but the pc police have stopped that. It's a part of some state flags, but I have never sensed any kind of racism or radicalism associated with it. It's more a representation of heritage, but not intended to be inflammatory or offensive.

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    Southerners still fly the Confederate flag because it represents a time in our nation when the South succeded from the Union and during that time the civil war occured in which many of todays peoples' southern ancestors fought in and died in. Sometimes the flag is flown to honor Confederate soldiers who died for the south. I live in a rural area in GA where if you don't have a confederate flag you can consider yourself dead. No the Flag does not represent slavery nor racism. In addition the civil war was not fought over slavery it started the same reason the Revoloutionary war started "taxation without representation. The germans dont fly a swastika because its different the Nazi party doesnt exsist any more and nobody in germany wants to be labeled as a nazi. The South Will Rise Again

  • The Confederate flag is flown with the American flag. And, me, not being from the south, I recognize(d) racism, but was enlightened when talking to southerners about it. The confederate flag is flown more symbolizing the culture and the way of life in the South. The south sees themselves different from the North, but all the same in America. So don't take it as racism, just a symbol.

    (Oh, and Montana is amazing, great place. Wish I lived there)

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    It's just TV, we don't wave the confederate flag down here very often, you will see one in a back yard once in a blue moon, but for the most part no confederate flags. We are just like everybody else trying to make a living. We can cook though, it may not be good for you but it's good!!.

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    They usually fly both from what I can remember in places where it is flown, for some people it is a matter of heritage that is taught to them for others it's a race thing, you can't judge everyone based on some redneck hick, the civil war was not just about slavery it was about states rights which if the government keeps screwing with states may not be that far from our own future.

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    I lived in Texas growing up and I never really saw that. I now live in Minnesota near the border to Wisconsin and I see more of those flags over there lol

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    We don't. You rarely see the national flag of the Confederate States of America flown.

    Could you be talking about the battle flag or naval jack? I wouldn't compare that to flying the national flag of Mexico....

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    Take a trip south and see the pride

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    Out of respect for their ancestors who died fighting for that flag?

    Just a guess....?

  • jz
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    because they CAN.

    why do so many californians fly the mexican flag?

    why do so many michiganers fly the canadian flag?

    why do so many floridians fly the bahamian or cuban flag?

    because they can.

    don't you love america?

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