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taking a trip to disneyland in Anaheim?

any ideas for an affordable trip to disneyland for a family of 8? any idea on where to stay, and other sites to see?


we're coming from nashville, tn

Update 2:

we plan on staying about a week

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    The following is an example of what it may cost for a family of eight to visit the parks for 5 days. I’m assuming that 3 of your kids are under 10 years old and 3 are over. If the age differs then the price will slightly vary.

    You can purchase your tickets online at:







    Or you can pick them up locally:

    - AAA card members can get great deals on tickets at your local AAA office.

    - You can also find passes at Safeway grocery stores.

    - Your local credit union may have deals on tickets as well.

    •Tickets-2 adults (from AAA): $338

    •Tickets- 3 children over 3 years but under 10 years (from AAA): $149 x 3 = $447

    •Tickets- 3 children over 10 years old (from AAA): $169 x 3 = $507

    •Hotel for 6 nights, within walking distance, about $90 a night because you will probably need adjoining rooms or just two of them (off season): $540

    The main streets surrounding the Disneyland theme parks are Katella Ave. Walnut St. Harbor Blvd. and Ball Rd. If you can find a hotel on these streets, then you’re set for a straight shot to the parks. When making reservations, you can usually find a cheap hotel room for around $35 to $55 a night (for one room), depending on the time of year, days of the week and how far in advance you book. You can get some great deals at the following sites:





    About 95% of the hotels that I have researched in the area have microwaves and mini-fridges. If this is important to you, look into it before making your reservations. One time my hotel said they had a microwave, but I found out upon arrival it was for rent at $10 a night. Find out in advance if this is included in the price or an extra.

    Some hotels offer a transit pass to get to Disneyland. Others offer a bus pass. If you are on the main streets, walking may be just fine.

    •Food, pre-purchased sandwich stuff and snacks at a grocery store to carry in: $300 (there are plenty of grocery stores around)

    •Travel expenses: depends on mode of travel, but if you drive from Nashville to Anaheim it is 2,000 miles and would take 29 hours to drive straight through. If you are in a vehicle that gets 28 miles to the gallon, you’re looking at about $215 for gas. If you fly, you are looking at $350 average per person = $2,800. So lets assume you will be driving.

    •No souvenirs

    Your total trip, assuming you are driving straight through, would be about $2,347 if you go the way I have laid before you.

    The best times to visit Disneyland or California Adventures is from January through April and September through December because they are less crowded. The last week in December is very busy due to Christmas and New Years. Avoid Saturdays if you can; they are the busiest. Saturdays are when most of the meet and greet characters are out.

    Selecting the “best” time to visit the Disneyland Resort depends upon your interests. If you want to visit when the number of guests is fairly low, plan to stay mid-week (Tuesdays-Thursdays) during:

    - mid-September through mid- November

    - mid-January through mid-March

    - mid-April through mid-May

    The benefit of visiting the resort during lower attendance is wait times are shorter enabling you to do more; however, California Adventure and Disneyland typically reduce their operating hours making for fewer events (fireworks, Fantasmic, Electrical Parade) and entertainment. Frequently, more attractions are closed for refurbishing.

    If you want to visit while the parks have extended hours, entertainment, events and most attractions operating, plan your stay for weekends, including extended holiday weekends during Christmas and Spring Break or June-August. During these times, the number of guests is usually increased.

    The hours of operation vary from day to day, year to year and seasonally. Use the following chart to help base your visitation time. Times are estimates and subject to change.

    As for extra things to do, there is Medieval Times Dinner by Knott’s Berry Farm. Best thing to do would be looking in the lobby at your hotel, they have fliers for everything.

    I hope this helps

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    The best places in Disneyland would be Fantasyland, Critter country, and Mickey's ToonTown. Type the words 'city pass' into your browser and it will take you to a site where you can purchase a the city pass and get discount tickets. The pass includes a 3 day park hopper pass to Disneyland and California Adventure, 1 day at Universal Studios(they are a little young to enjoy this one), 1 day at Sea World and Your choice of 1 day at either San Diego Zoo or the San Diego Wild Animal Park. Adult city pass costs $235 and for children it is $189 this saves you like 30% on what you would pay if you bought all the tickets seperate. These tickets dont have to be used all in 5 days. You have 14 days to use them all so you could take 6 or 7 days if you wanted to. You know take a day away from the parks in between them all to get a break from the crowds or something like that. As I said before Universal studios is probably not going to be a popular one for them but they would probably love the zoo and Sea world. Disneyland has all the great kids rides in fantasyland as well. They might remember more of the trip if they were older but I am sure they would still have lots of fun. Sounds like you guys are in for a fun time. Have a great vacation!

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    You need to specify where you are starting from as driving would be the best but not if you're too far away. Do you have budget limitations? How much time do you have to visit?

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