How do i convince my parents into letting me buy airsoft guns?

The main issue, i think, is that they dont want me spending so much. Yes, it is my money, but that does not help. The other reason is that my mom does not like the idea of shoot each other. And that she thinks it will just make us(meaning me and my brother) get into more arguments. Me and my mom and dad have planned a little "meeting" about it. Please help me. :)

I have already prepared my "speech", like i did a lot of research, picked the best parts from different websites/resources, printed it out, then highlighted the good parts and stuff.

Please help :) thanks!

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  • Mark M
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    10 years ago
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    Airsoft is an outdoors sport that requires physical stamina and agility, team planning and coordination, leadership skills, strategy and planning, and learning and abiding by the safety aspects of handling a firearm without the deadly consequences if you mess-up. An entry-level Airsoft gun can cost under $50, and this might be a reasonable compromise to fall back on to demonstrate your responsibility and enjoyment of the sport, leading up to possible purchase of a more expensive model at a later date.

  • 10 years ago

    well, it sounds like you're on the right track. i don't know how old you and your little brother are, but in my experiences most public fields have a minium age for entry, 12 years old.

    so that being said, and assuming you are old enough, you may have to settle for plinking at tin cans, paper targets or whatever for a while with a spring pistol, or something relatively weak in comparison to a high end AEG.

    this will be the "trial period" this is when you show your parents that you wear all the safety gear, you only point at what you intend to shoot, don't shoot squirrels, or your brother, and don't shoot it in the house... all the things your parents will hate. make sure you clear the gun before bringing it into the house(chamber empty, mag out)

    if you are mature here you may be able to convince them to start letting you and you brother have some backyard wars, still being safe and not a menace.

    after that you should be able to move on to real deal airsoft wars on a legit field, or a large plot of private land.

    even better would be to find a local airsoft field and just go out and see a game played and not participate to let your parents snoop around, ask questions, whatever.

    i know when parents ask me at the field i play at i always tell the them how much safety is stressed(it really is) and other things. it's all about understanding.

    another approach you might want to try is this:

    have them write down on a piece of paper

    what concerns do they have?

    what are the risks they see?

    get every bad thing you can from them first and deal with it, if they go first you can give them the answers that the want. if you give your "speech" first they can scrutanize it. this way they have a "con", and you give them a "pro" to take the place instead.

    but honestly, it's going to take time and patience, shoot for 6 months between getting your first gun and shooting your brother

    Source(s): 4 years airsofting
  • 10 years ago

    Well, your best bet would be to show your responsibility, or bring up points of when you were responsible and tell your parents you will definately keep the gun on safety in the house and show that you have gun control. Then promise to always wear proper eye protection when firing.

    As for the You and your brother thing I suggest you bring up the point that shooting eachother would relieve stress and anger where nothing is disturbed or destroyed.

    Good Luck

  • Merike
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    4 years ago

    Show them you're responsible and say, "I'll where eye protection". Tell them that you need to unleash your inner boy, that all boys love guns, and it's safe. Just start off beginner, get a low powered gun, and somehow, maybe, get your Dad to kinda like the idea of it. Dads are supposed to let boys do stuff that their Moms don't want them to do, haven't you ever heard your Dad say, "Let him have some fun and be a kid"? Boys always turn everything they touch into a gun, for ex: a stick, my little bro does that all the time.

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  • 10 years ago

    Parents hate guns, usually. Parents don't trust their children to spend money wisely. They may not realize that the good stuff of one person looks like junk to someone else.

    The more mature and "understanding" you are about one thing, the more they will trust you to make up your own mind their way next time.

    Besides the money, they may be dealing with emotional issues involving the rising influence of organized crime and your prospects for getting drafted into the armed forces.

    When all else fails I like to relax with a movie like Gettysburg or Full Metal Jacket.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    go to *****, buy a 30-40$ hand airsoft gun and your fine. to prove they don't damage as much as you think, push your thumb into the tip of the barrel really hard and that cuts off the air, so when u pull the trigger the bb just falls out but it looks like u shoot yourself. thats how mine works anyway :)

  • 10 years ago

    you don't need guns ,your mother is right ,,,,as you get older you will realize your mom is right ,,besides do something around the house to help your parents out ,,instead of getting injured from guns.

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