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How are my chances looking of transferring schools?

I am trying to transfer to CU Boulder for fall 2010. The transfer requirement for the school of arts and sciences is a 2.5. I had a very poor gpa in highschool (i think a 2.1 or something) but I got a 26 on the ACT and a 3.0 last semester at a four year college. My application is well rounded. Just curious if anyone knows off hand from their own transfer experiences.

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    Colleges do not look at a high school GPA for purposes of transfer. Unless there are other requirements it looks like you are in./

  • Merike
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    People transfer schools for a variety of reasons. For example, a job transfer requiring your family to relocate to another area. So no, it won't hurt your chances of being admitted to college. When we evaluate whom to admit, we'll look at your overall academic record. And look for improvement in your performance from your freshman to your senior year. However, if you transfer for something like being kicked out of school after school after school, then yes, that is something that can hurt your chances of being admitted to college. And that's because you'll be seen as a "troublemaker." So how many transfers one has on their record and/or the reason for the transfer can be a factor. So assuming you're not a troublemaker and are simply transferring from a private to a public high school, I don't see a problem whatsoever. Just make sure you do your best to keep your grades up! It is possible that a college will see private school as being more difficult that public school. So if they see your grades drop, when they feel you should be excelling, then that will be a problem and hurt you. Just bear this in mind.

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