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Zune vs iPod?? Neither?

I've had a Zune 30GB for the past two years and it's worked fine until recently. Whenever I try to turn it on (even when plugged in), it cuts off so quick I can't do any of the manual reset options. I've tried leaving it plugged in for days, and leaving it unplugged for weeks, to no avail, and it's past its warranty so no free repair option.

So, Zune's left a sour taste in my mouth, though at the same time I've heard bad things about iPods from friends that have them. I use Amazon for MP3s, so Zune Marketplace/iTunes isn't a limiting factor (they both suck). Usage-wise, I used my Zune when working out and in the car ghetto-rigged with a cassette converter (gotta put up with the radio now).

I need to replace my Zune, so with what should I replace it with? Another Zune, an iPod or neither? Please provide personal experience.

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    1 decade ago
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    if you use it working out and in the car then i'm guessing you're listening to music but maybe not much interested in the other features. who needs a touchscreen if you're just sweating all over it? not so much into videos? apps don't impress you? i would say try SanDisk simple MP3 player. if you do want to go with all that other stuff i would say get a 120gb zune. that's what i have and it holds 150 movies, 2000 songs, and still has room left over. less than $250 on ebay. as for any electronic anything these days, you pays your money and you takes your chances. there is no such thing as quality anymore. they can be replaced for next to nothing and nobody seems to care if all the zunes and ipods and whatever are nothing more than crap. we still keep buying them. have fun and good luck with whatever you decide.

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    5 years ago

    i've got had the two and prefer the iPod circumstances a million. The Zunes are cool and each thing - yet they have their annoying issues. The Zune marketplace and the utility you ought to use to sync with Zunes are annoying. in addition they have DRM compatibility subjects (fantastically in case you get the track from the Zune marketplace - paradoxically the DRM is incompatible with PlaysForSure/Made for domicile windows Vista kind...). additionally upload-ons are limited. I enjoyed having a Zune for a jointly as - yet happily I had gotten it for unfastened from a risk. I did love my Zune, however. are not getting me incorrect. It labored large. and the greater moderen zunes look even nicer. the show is remarkable and the interface is large. I went back to iPod and am loving it back back. i became against them for a jointly as through actuality that totally everyone seems to need them. i'm that kind of individual that could pass against the mainstream. I additionally owned a Zen resourceful which I additionally liked. however the iPod so some distance is the nicest and least puzzling MP3 participant obtainable. Atleast while in comparison with the Zune.

  • Sony walkman

    Check them out, they're better looking than Ipod and Zune IMO.

    They have longer battery life, better sound quality ( which is the most important)

    and they're plain good looking, tha'ts all.

  • 1 decade ago

    They all have the draw backs really.. i love apple products... so I'm going to have to vote an ipod or a shuffle.

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    1 decade ago


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