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what easy cute hairstyle can i make in 5-10 minutes?

i have shoulder length hair. its burnett and naturaly curly. i normally straight iron my hair. and i have about 50 minutes before i go to school. do you have any ideas on quick hairstyles i could use???

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    flat twists.( can do on both natural or straight) natural- just use water/ conditioner spray, a little gel for edges

    straight-use a glosser or polisher

    Section hair into 3 sections (two in the front, one in the back) Twist hair in an upward motion until you get to the middle of you hair and pin down. Do the same for the other side.then pull the back up with the ends into a ponytail.Add a flower or a cute hair pin.& you're done.

    there are many variations with flat twists you can do so many styles by sectioning even smaller but its all up to you.

    Source(s): me { thinking of doing my hair like this too :P}
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    Test out the different colours and styles on your face here:


    This site lets you try any hairstyle on a picture of your own face - Very cool and will find the best colour and style for you BEFORE you go to the salon

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    area braid, low bun, crimp (crimper instead of straightner) additionally examine on pinterest for hairstyles. they have many different ones and easily prepare you the thank you to do them. additionally seek hairstyles on youtube, that's the place i come across alot of suggestions for my curls.

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