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Do you think Jay Leno is a selfish Jerk for wanting to go back to 11:35PM slot over Conan?

In case you didn't know, here's the latest scoop on Jay Leno show which airs at 10pm with poor ratings so now NBC and Leno wants to get him back to 11:35pm, Leno's old time slot before giving up to Conan from signing a contract 6 years ago that Leno would retire from NBC. Now obviously Leno wants to go back to 11:35 and move Conan to 12:05am??!! This sounds like a person, Leno, reneging his contractual agreement which was signed 6 years ago.

Simply put, it's like someone, Leno, giving money to a charity and realized it wasn't benefiting himself so now he want his charity money back.

What do you think?

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    i absolutely think jay leno's being an asshole. he should know more than anybody what an honor it is to be able to host the tonight show and how important it must be for conan to get that opportunity. nbc made conan a promise and he waited for six years to host the tonight show and now they treat him like this?! jay leno isn't funny anymore. he had some great years but he just isn't cutting it anymore and he's not what appeals to the younger generation in america. conan has what the younger generation loves and he's absolutely hilarious and unique. he's able to pull off a talk show five nights a week because he keeps it interesting. there's nobody like him and i can't BELIEVE that nbc (and jay leno) would stab him in the back like this. i think in a perfect world, leno would back down from the new 10:35 slot and allow conan his much deserved time in the spotlight. i guess we'll see if leno really is as big of a dick as he's coming off as or not.

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    I think NBC is being run by fools. They should have left Jay Leno alone in the Tonight Show for many more years to come.

    Conan did well in the Late Show time.

    If it ain't broke, then you don't fix it. Most people, including myself, do not like change for change's sake especially during rough times.

    Yes, I know this was all arranged several years ago. I thought it a mistake back then as well. So what I predicted would happen, is happening.

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    I think it has something to do with NBC being desperate for ratings. Leno draws higher numbers than Conan, and with both time slots showing poor ratings, NBC is doing the changing not the hosts.

  • We don't all fit in everywhere. Leno has a slot. There are niches that seem just right for me. I just saw a guy trying to sell himself into a job. He was almost begging and seemed to want to fit into the snooty style of the employer.

    I just couldn't do that and the companies that hire me haven't demanded it.

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    Not at all. It wasn't Leno who made the scheduling changes; I don't believe he EVER wanted to leave the 11:35 PM spot.

    The network "suits" make decisions like this and for one reason only: RATINGS.

    Leno has them; O'Brien does not.

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    I think Jay Leno is irrelevant, as are the rest of the unfunny dolts on late night tv. This is what passes for current events today? Yikes!

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    Those guys should move 3,4,5, A.M. slot for the homeless for a laugh

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