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Where can I file a complaint against the Ford Motor Company for a defect in an F-250 Superduty...?

...pickup truck?

Ford put out an internal circular indicating they had a badly designed radiator for their 1999-2000 year model superduty diesel pickup trucks that caused the transmission to overheat and burn out the torque converter. They knew about this but didn't inform the consumer so they could get replacement parts before they (like us) incurred a very pricey repair service.

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    Here is the FTC (Federal Trade Commission's) complaint form-

    Also, the Dept. of Transportation

    Use this

    online Vehicle Owner's Questionnaire to report safety or operational defects to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

    You can also call the DOT Auto Safety Hotline at 1-888-DASH-2-DOT (1-888-327-4236) or 1-800-424-9393 and a NHTSA representative will record your report.

    Search for existing defect reports

    And consider the Better Business Bureau-

    And the Center for Auto Safety

    has some great information. Ford does have the following options available-

    Contact Ford: Call Ford's Customer Assistance Center at 800-392-3673 to register a complaint. If they cannot resolve your complaint, ask for an arbitration package for the Dispute Settlement Board (see below).

    Dispute Settlement Board: This is Ford's arbitration program for reimbursement of repairs or buyback of a lemon. If you get a bad decision, you can reject it and take Ford to court. If you accept it, Ford must abide. Both the consumer and Ford submit comments and records to the board by mail. In most cases, the board will not hear a complaint outside the express warranty - the length of which varies for the powertrain, emissions & other components. Important: The consumer is allowed to rebutt Ford's comments. This can improve your chances and you should take advantage. If you have not received a Dispute Settlement Board arbitration package from Ford Customer Assistance Center, write to Dispute Settlement Board, PO Box 5120, Southfield MI 48086-5120.

    Good Luck to you!

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    It takes a few hundred of those to happen before someone takes notice and issues a "service bulletin". If you had it repaired already, save the receipts and wait!!! I paid for that plastic intake manifold to be replaced on my 4.6 before I knew about the law suit filed against Ford. It takes a while for them to find you to inform you on what you already know, do what I did and call any ford dealer and ask if there is a phone number set aside for that problem. They won't get back to you soon but you will be asked to get all your papers to them before they can get any word on what can be done. I shelled out over $800.00 dollars for parts and labor but got laid up after getting hurt at work and missed the dead line to get my paper work in.

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    Write or call your local district service office - you can get the information at any Ford dealership.

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