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What Are The Best SkateBoard Bearings?

i'm buying a new skateboard, i know you can many different types of bearings for example abec 1 and abec 7 but i want to know the best bearings

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    ive got bones ceramics. they are by far the best skateboard bearings ever made.

    i havent had to clean them in probably a year and a half and theyre still fast.

    the bones 6balls are just as good, but require frequent cleaning.

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    If they have an Abec rating, they are not for skateboarding(usually).

    I would go with Bones Bearings, as in the Name Brand 'Bones'.

    They manufacture THE best skateboard bearing out there, Bones Swiss Ceramics. But perfection like this doesn't come cheap. Its over $100, just for the bearings.

    They also manufacture Bones Reds, which is cheap, and really good too, but not as good as Bones Swiss. Its usually less than $20

    There's also Bones Swiss Precision, that's really good too, but its $60+.

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    You don't want to normally go with abecs as they are not made for skateboarding. There are many types of bearings. Swiss bearings are usually the top of the line bearing from a brand e.g. bones swiss. Ceramics come next which you do not need to clean e.g. bones reds swiss. Then you have normal bearings e.g. bones reds. There isn't much difference in speed, more in smoothness. If you want a good all round bearing go with bones red as they are great, and cheap.

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    Yeah man. Of course that will be fine. I've done that before when I was younger because I had nothing else lol. Yeah, just put it on and roll your wheels and put more on. Do that for a few days in a row and your bearings will be spinning and spinning and spinning!

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    Bones reds are the best if you are beginning to skateboard also spitfire originals are pretty good

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    Don't get bones. Rush ceramics or Rush Downhill will do you way better

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    do not go with abec bearings, they suck. go with bones reds. they are relativly cheap and go really fast. you can wear them in really fast to.

    hope this helped email me at

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    Bones Red they're only about 15 dollars now go pee, brush your teeth and go to bed

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    dont get bones swiss just get bones reds. bones swiss they will pop out of your wheel and break in less than a year trust me.

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    Pig Swiss are my first choice then Black Panther Swiss are my second.

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