Psoriasis and area about the eye's...what can I do?

Really not enough room in the topic.

I have been a victim of psoriasis for years but while its been on my face it has never been on my eye lids and above and around my eye's. Its just as nasty as you may assume. First the burning and I didn't know what it was until it started to flake. I see my derm in about a week but this looks pretty bad as it is.

What would you do?



Thanks for all your useful replies. In truth im less concerned about looking like a racoon then the way it feels.

I did call my Derm and she and I are of a mind. I am to use the topical Triamcinolon on the area about my eye's taking care not to get it into my eyes.

The advice about the fish oil and omega 3 is very good... but a bit more long term them Im looking for... But thanks.

While these areas dont flake too much , it does seem to collect into the corner's of my eyes. Pretty sore and I thought I had pink eye... it was just so sudden.

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    Owch, sounds nasty.

    Yeah I get it too, have done since I was 2.. however i have never had it too badly on my face, only around the ears. I think that I would do an intense moisturize, either hydromol or vaseline. At least this will prevent any major cracking. Often mine gets irritated by heat so I would try and cool it with Ice if you get this too? Something which really helps me is taking an anti-histamine, it stops it itching or anything nasty like that.

    However if you are worried about what it looks like, you could use some tinted moisturizer or concealer which is quite runny so that the redness is disguised.

    Sorry I wasn't sure if you were asking how to disguise it or make it better :)

    But I hope it gets sorted soon for you, good luck for next week!

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    I've inherited this also. I've never had it on my eyelids but next to the eyes on the temple area. I got it to go down fast with a cream the doctor prescribed. If you don't have any skin cancer risk in your family history I'd seriously ask the doctor about puva light treatment. Until you get to the appt. I'd wear tinted glasses. If anyone asks why tell them you have an eye irritation and have a dr. appt. soon. I feel it's no one else's business but there are inquiring minds that want to know I've learned.

    I also would check out the site: as there are many sufferers of this on there and they can tell you what worked for them and what hasn't and vice versa if you want other ideas.

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    I had a 13 year historic previous of psoriasis, inspite of the undeniable fact that i strengthen into in stable well being otherwise. yet those extreme super, thick and scaly excoriated plaques on my neck, ears, trunk and limbs ruined the way i strengthen into maximum appropriate my existence. i may well be with pink, contaminated itchy dermis for many element of the year and those silvery scales might seem erupting with out any reason. To make concerns worse, blisters might seem over already pink and itching dermis. It strengthen into residing hell. i strengthen into taken care of with countless recommendations yet no longer something appeared to be working. the countless remedies that I underwent in this depressing era of 13 years secure tar coaching, tropical steroids and anthralin. i strengthen into additionally given gentle therapy many cases yet each and every thing i attempted might provide me short-term alleviation. and quickly, after some days i may well be plagued with the placement back. in certainly one of those moments whilst i strengthen into thoroughly misplaced I stumbled upon this internet site in simple terms with the aid of twist of fate. I study it and felt that as though somebody had positioned the story my existence in this documents superhighway website. i strengthen into thoroughly confident that if all people can medical care me of condition, it would be you. And strengthen into I suitable, or what. i began improving interior 3 days of beginning this therapy. something that had strengthen right into a painful element of me for 13 years strengthen into extremely getting healed! My ears are healed and my neck is mushy back!. i'm a month into the therapy and that i've got under no circumstances felt extra powerful in my existence! Psoriasis Revolution?

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    You need to start taking cod liver oil or omega fatty oils and flaxseed oil daily. You can find it in capsule form in the pharmacy or Wal-Mart stores. Typically, the dosage is three time a day. I take both cod liver oil and flaxseed oil every day and I give it to my dog as well and her dermatitis went away and her coat is shiny. I also reap the benefits as my skin is very smooth and healthy looking when I stick to the regimen. When I stop, I notice blotches in a short time. You should also include olive oil in your diet. Sprinkle it on your salad and cook with it. You also need to keep your scalp very clean. Wash it Sebulex. It will clean your scalp and deter flaking.

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