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Why does my kid do this when writing her name?

She will be 5 in March and we do basic learning at home. Today she had to write her name, which she always does. She traces her first name once and then writes her first name 3 times by herself.

Most of the times she does this with no hassle but sometimes when she is at the table writing her name she'll start itching her head, swinging her feet and diverting her attention to the toys in her room. She'll start talking to me about other things. Not focusing on her name. She'll pretend to forget to write a letter in her room.

She really takes to her Fisher Price work book, souniding out letters, and reading number 1 books, she loves numbers and arts and crafts and she breezes through all those numbers..

In the end after all the hassle, she'll write the letter with ease on her grammar paper

She seems to enjoy learning as we do not do it everyday, and the days that we don't do it she asks if we can.

She starts kindergarten in the fall.


Heather, I was told that when children enter kindergarten they should be able to recognize their letters and the sounds they make, write if not recognize their names, can count up to 20 at least and so much more.

If my daughter is willing to learn then of course I will be there to teach her. I don't push her, she wants to do this.

Even though she is almost 5, I stillI value education, and her expressing a willingness to learn will only be greater for her in the future.

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    My little man is 4 1/2, he also starts kindergarten in the fall. They sound about at the same level. It's definitely attention span. They're still pretty young and need to keep changing things up. I incorporate learning in EVERYTHING he does that way he's soaking info everywhere.

    Of course the early learning books...but honestly we only do sit down learning about 15 minutes a day. More than that he gets bored and I don't want him to resent learning new things.

    When we're out running errands there's a different letter we focus on each time. Through street signs and whatnot we play a game where he has to yell them out as soon as he sees them. (ex: There's a big "A" on that red sign) I participate too so it gets his eyes working fast with letter recognition. We "compete" to see who can find them faster.

    In the bath- I have the foam letters and we find letters, make words on the tile wall, and play games making different letters sounds.

    When I cook- He comes in the kitchen with me and we have the letter magnets on the fridge. Again the same concept that we have in the bath.

    He watches cartoons in the morning while we "wake up" (I'm not a morning person) Super Why is a great one!

    Oh, and try out this website . The "ABC" link is our favorite, and more linked to their age. He loves the games and we talk through it together, but he gets to use the mouse all by himself.

    We just change it up A LOT to keep him interested. Hope this helps! She sounds like a smart cookie...just keep her going!

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    She's 4 and technically still a toddler, even a 5 year old is young. They have VERY short attention spans- every child does. She sounds totally normal to me, and actually a little advanced because of the work you've put into her. most 4 year olds dont write at all.

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    She is only 5. Give her a break. It's awesome that she is learning but she may not be interested anymore. When children find an activity boring or too easy for them, they get distracted. My son will not be 5 until August and he can't even tell me what his letters are. She is doing great. Don't put so much pressure on her.

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    she already knows how to write her name, that is very good! maybe get some new worksheets so the she can do something new and interesting everyday, if she does say 3 examples of one page and doesn't finish the page pick it up the next day...

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    u shudd b teeching hur hao 2 rait da chaineeez caricturz. not da inglish wunz. deyz 2 haahd.

    I <3ed kindergarten

    we lurnd lawtz

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    Maybe because she is bored with writing her name maybe try a new word out.

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    She needs a challenge. Give her one.

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    shes just getting bored. you'll probaly have to stop and start again later.

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