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How do we know that Jesus Looked Like That?

The paintings? How do we know he had a beard and long hair? Where in the Bible does it say what he looked like, what he wore?

(Not the shroud of tourin, the cloth it was on was woven only about 500years ago (that's 2 zeros))


The shroud was on either discovery or the history channel which was analyzed and found out it was only about 500 years ago. Look up the age of the cloth itself....

"the first sample in Arizona dated to 1238, the second to 1430, with the Oxford and Swiss results falling in between. " this is taken from

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    The same way we know that God looks like an old man with a long white beard. When people make these deities up, they create them in their image, not the other way around.

    Think about it...Jesus could have been from Zaire and Europeans would have still thought he looked like a blond hippie.

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    You don't, but there are some clues in the bible.

    He was Jewish-by virtue of the fact that his mother was, and therefore would have had dark hair and eyes. He worked outside, and traveled out of doors, so likely his skin was dark, too.

    Jewish men wore beards, but it was a disgrace for them to have long hair, (1 Co 11:14) unless they had made some special vow not to cut it, as Sampson did, so Jesus wouldn't have had long hair. He wasn't some skinny, wimpy man, either, because he was able to pick up a whip and chase the money changers out of the temple, overturning their tables, which weren't made of particle board in those days.( Mark 11: 15-17) He had a presence that commanded respect, as evidenced when the crowd parted for him, but also didn't have some kind of 'glow' that made him different. He could walk unnoticed thru a crowd, when he wanted to.

    His work as a carpenter (Mr 6:3) would have required him to be physically strong-you couldn't just run down to Home Depot and buy lumber, he'd have had to cut the trees and prepare the wood himself.

    He, at the time of his death was wearing a garment that didn't have a seam, a difficult and expensive item, likely made for him by one of his followers.(John 19: 23, 24) It was remarkable enough that the soldiers threw lots to decide who got it.

    Artist's renderings of Jesus invariably make him a pale, thin, light-skinned and haired man, but historically, he would not have been.

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    I do believe that one of the ten commandments is to not make any graven images of Jesus or any of the angels in heaven or demons in hell. However, the paintings of Jesus are totally inaccurate. He was a Jewish man , so according to the time period of 2000 years ago, he would have had a long beard, coarse woolly hair, and a dark complexion. He would not have been the blonde-headed, blue-eyed, greatest dream of Hitler.

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    If you are referring to the paintings of Jesus as a tall blonde man, remember those painting were done in the 1200s-1700s by Norther Europeans.

    Since Jesus was Hebrew, he'd look like any other man of the Middle East today...short, dark, swarthy, black or dark brown hair, and likely a beard.... trendy then, trendy now.

    Few Middle Eastern men even today, are clean shaven.

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    No doubt that the paintings of Christ are not the same as the features of Christ. We all know that

    there were no cameras.painters used their imagination.To paint a picture of Christ ,a picture of

    Mohammed or of any prophet is against religion.

    In Islam this is a big sin .No one dare to do that. Silvester stone Played the role of Jesus .In Islam this is a crime.A true believer deny that .

    Source(s): Holy Quran and Hadeeth.
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    do no longer decrease the hair on the facets of your head or clip off the sides of your beard. ~ Leviticus 19:27 do no longer think of that I quite have come to abolish the regulation or the Prophets; I quite have not come to abolish them yet to fulfill them. ~ Matthew 5:17 (Jesus Christ) If Christ got here to fulfill the regulation then he might have adhered to the regulation in Leviticus and for that reason does not have decrease the hair on the facets of his head or clip off the sides of the beard. He had no attractiveness or majesty to entice us to him, no longer something in his visual charm that we could continually choose him. ~ Isaiah fifty 3:2 The scripture above is prophesying approximately Christ. So what ever Christ regarded like as a guy he replaced into no longer pleasing or appropriate in visual charm. God purposely did no longer demonstrate Jesus' genuinely visual charm in scripture or in pictures so as that it does not reason conflict between races and peoples visual charm. God is of affection no longer arrogance.

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    guesses due to what many early Jewish men looked like.

    The shroud of Tourin has been proven to be about 2000 yrs old.

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    A Galileen Jew of that period would almost certainly have been bearded.

    Shaving is something that spread with Greek and Roman culture and religious Jews in that area were cultrally opposed to it.

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    The Bible mentions him having a beard and also mentions there being nothing about His appearance that would draw us to him.

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    Thats the thing No one really knows how Jesus looks like until the day of his coming if we are REAL CHRISTIANS i say real because there are so many people out there that say they love God and are Christians but in truth they dont because they dont follow his will we have to LOVE the LORD

    until then none of us know hows he looks like

    Source(s): Bible
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