Insects – Cold Weather?

I have not seen any insects flying around in the cold weather

here in the northen region of the US during the winter.

No mosquitoes, flies, etc.

Do all insects hibernate or die in very cold temperatures.

Does anything fly around?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    An insect's muscles must be a certain temperature to work and flying requires a lot of energy. Insects either hibernate as adults or spend the winter as eggs, larvae or pupae. Certain insects can freeze solid, thaw out and survive. Wood roaches are an example. The housefly is actually an insect originally from Kenya which followed humans out of Africa and now survives winters in barns. Bumblebees can fly in early spring because the queen will vibrate her flight muscles and this generates heat. She begins flying when her body has warmed enough. Many moths can also use this and tremble for about 30 seconds before taking flight.

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