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What is the best definition of 幻 (maboroshi)?

I was bored and was on this one japanese website (nounai maker) where you put in your name and it tells you what you think about. One of the characters was confusing me (幻). I looked it up and apparently it means phantom, which doesn't make any sense. Unless it's saying I think a lot about ghosts...but I'm pretty sure that I'm just misunderstanding.

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    幻 can mean phantom or ghost, and that is what a dictionary would tell you. Though in reality it is more often used as a metaphor for things that are troubling you, ie. spectres from the past, things that are hard to grasp, etc. (ex. 幻の名物 - phantom souvenir - people say it is available, but you cannot find it) This is also often used when describing thinking about those who have died, especially those close to us, but less as a ghostbusters ghost and more as a ghost of the mind.

    Hope this helps!

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    Maboroshi (幻) can also be translated as illusion.

    I hope that helps!

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    maboroshi 【幻】

    –common noun

    phantom; vision; illusion; dream


    My crime seems unreal to me. »

    Note: 幻 (maboroshi) is never a ghost or ghosts.

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