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Potty Training a 10 wk old Pug in Cold Weather?

I just got my pug a couple weeks ago and have been trying really hard to make sure he is trained right. We have been using the puppy pads, but he pees on them and then poops right next to the pad or somewhere else in the house. I'm also learning that the puppy pads aren't such a good idea - I want to take him outside, but the weather is so cold right now I am not sure if it is safe for him to go out in such cold temperatures? Any tips on what I can do? For example, it has been getting to below freezing temps with wind chill recently. I haven't even been able to take him on one walk yet because of it being so cold - help please! I want my baby trained right!

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    "I want my baby trained right!"

    Step one to accomplish that is remember ITS A DOG not a baby.

    The fact that you are thinking its a baby is already hindering its training.

    You got a dog in the Winter, so certainly you planned for bad weather and how it might affect your training.

    Stop babying the dog, and start treating it like a dog. You and the dog will be glad you did.

    Bundle yourselves up and go outside.

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    You won't effectively train him to go outside if you are using puppy pads because he thinks that it's okay to go outside, inside on the pad, and inside everywhere else, and when you get mad at him for eliminating inside sometimes, he will be confused.

    My suggestion would be to train as you would normally, but put him in a sweater. Remember that dogs already have a built-in sweater as well as thick paw pads that humans don't have, so they may be a little less uncomfortable in the cold than we might think. Pugs in particular, though, have a relatively low cold tolerance so you should take extra measures to make sure he is warm.

    There are a lot of great resources online for potty-training a dog, but something that I want to reiterate is to teach your dog "go potty." When you take him outside, tell him to go potty and when he does, give him some verbal praise and a training treat that is safe for puppies. Eventually he will know what "go potty" means and when you take him outside in cold weather and tell him to go potty, he will run out and potty in seconds because all he wants to do is come back inside!

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    I would take him outside. My puppy had to get used to the snow too. I bought her a sweater, but she is doing ok without it now. I am more concerned about her paws. Make sure you don't take him were there is salt. Wipe off his paws when he comes in. There is salve for his paws and booties too.

    Using pads will slow the housebreaking process. I used pads when it was really cold too, but I kept her in a small uncarpeted area, and only let her loose in the house after she had gone to the bathroom and only for an hour or two with close supervision. If he is going right next to the pad, put another one down next to it.

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    I got my golden retriever last Feb when it was snowing a lot and very cold. We crate trained her. Pee pads are a stupid idea, IMO. They are just teaching your dog that it's ok to pee in the house. We work during the day and kept our puppy in her crate. We came home at lunch and let her out, then my husband was home about 3 hrs later and he let her out again. We let her outside every 1/2 hour for months. We took her to the same spot in the yard where she would smell her pee and she would go there again.

    Get a sweater for him and be viligant about taking him out every 30 minutes. Keep him in a crate when you are not home or just for nap periods. As soon as you open up that crate door, head for the yard. Our pup was totally house broke by 6 months of age with this method. Dogs are tougher than you think. They aren't like newborn human babies.

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    I recently got 2 Boxers and i live in Montana and it gets below freezing but i just left them out till they did there business. and they caught on very fast, that when they go potty they can come in and stop freezing. Only took 2 weeks and they are potty trained perfectly

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    It wouldn't hurt the dog.

    my brothers Pomeranian goes potty outside in 3 inch snow storms and she does just fine.

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    Go to WalMark, KMart, Petco or PetSmart and get dog pads. They are scented with what smells like pee, to a dog. You can't smell it but your puppy can. About every hour or so, place him on the pad. When he goes, praise him.

    Source(s): I trained my Pom to use a doggie pad and she rarely had to go outside. When the pad is dirty you just roll it up and throw it away. Be sure to put a fresh pad down.
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    he is old enough to go outside to do his business. Start leash training now. He doesn't need a long walk- just time enough to go.

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    pee pads are NOT a good idea..

    you can get him a sweater...

    here is a link on the correct method of training

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    consider indoor potty training

    please see this article:

    best wishes!

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