Florida unemployment extension?

I applied for unemployment July 2009 because I was laid off work. I've been searching for work ever since and going to interviews and no luck. Now my benefits are about to end this month (January 2010) and I was wondering if I get and extension automatically or do I have to apply for it? I have been calling their number 800-204-2418 and it hangs up on me because they are "experiencing a high volume of calls". So I can't get through to ask them about the extension and if I will be getting a letter in the mail to use on my income tax for the amount I received of unemployment in 2009. Does anybody know the answers to both of my questions???

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  • em
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    1 decade ago
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    for answer #1, go to the website and figure out what applies to your situation - based on dates and such.


    Yes, you will be getting 1099 in the mail

  • outler
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    4 years ago

    No. i'm stunned you have been allowed to get advantages with quitting your activity. The Fed is prepared to furnish the states funds for an extension of 20 weeks. yet, there are "strings" advantages might desire to be made available to section-time workers AND the income length might desire to proceed to be everlasting AFTER the federal funds runs out. Florida is taken into consideration one of four states that has rejected the fed funds.

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