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I'm trying to find something about my grampa Frank Knauer, the boxer?

It's easy to see his boxing scores, he was a pro boxer in the 1930's. But now a cousin told me his nick name was Frankie now or never. And that he boxed a wrestler by the name of Killer Kawalski, and that was the first fight ever broadcast on tv between a boxer and a wrestler. It was broadcast on WGN channel 9 in Chicago! I would like any information, a link, but I'd sure like a video clip if that could be possible, probably not but a link to information would be great! I'm doing the family tree and this is important to the whole family.


thanks Maurice, I've got that link on his profile in the family tree. I'm trying to find info on his match with Killer Kawolski in Chicago. boxer vs wrestler

Update 2:

yes, I saw that bout on youtube too.... I guess I'm hoping someone will have some connection to WGN in Chicago, or have a way to figure this out! Thanks for trying! I've tried it all too, so I'm hoping someone more savvy than I can get somewhere lol!

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    Sorry couldn't find a Frank Knauer vs a wrestler or Frankie now or never. I did find a 1930's newssreel with a boxer vs wrestler but it wasn't Killer Kowalski or your grandpa.

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  • 1 decade ago

    here is his professional boxing record:

    a "newspaper decision" basically means that the fight was a no decision (no official winner), and the ringside journalists decided for themselves who deserved to win.

    hope this helps.

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  • Cheif
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    google his name youll get something

    my grandad was gonna be a pro boxer at one point until...............

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