Georgia beat Georgia Tech - GT Beat Duke - Are My Bulldogs Better Than Duke .....?

I'm just having fun. I seriously don't think this but you know how some people think that just because a very good team is beaten by a lower ranked team who lost to a team un-ranked it somehow makes the un-ranked team better than all of them.

Question :

Is your team any good this year? (NBA or College ... it doesn't matter)

I'm a fan of the Atlanta Hawks and University of Georgia ...

What NBA and/or College team do you like?

Thanks and thumbs up to all who answer! Just give me time to get back and read the answers.j


Good answers! Thank you! I gotta head to work now but I'll check back later. (smiling)

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    Lol I always fun in a good joke.

    The Chicago Bulls are not an NBA title contender but are still playing below their capabale level. Despite a poor season still in the playoff race even at 16-20. They have beaten some good teams this year(Spurs,at Cavs,Hawks,and Magic). They've also had 2 dreadful losses to the 3-34 Nets(who embarrass the state of NJ :(, and blowing a 35pt lead at home to the Kings which was a complete meltdown.

    My fave College teams are doing great except Rutgers(they always suck at BBall).

    UNC is #12 I believe a year removed from a national title,and GT is #18 I believe with a win over Duke.

    GT has a chance to get Georgia back in College Baseball :). College World Series :)


    You had to see this dunk from the UGA-Kentucky game on Saturday. Dunk of the year!

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • Rose
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    Georgia Tech is on top of things this year and can run that football! I know for sure Georgia Tech will beat duke and have a really good chance at the ACC title this year and if things really roll their way they could actually have a shot at a national title which would be a huge upset... but by no means impossible

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    Lol, good thing you were joking, I hate when people try to use "That Logic" Lol. No they are not better lol.

    I like the Knicks and UNC. You can tell me if they are good or not Lmao! Well, the Knicks are actually really good this year (compared to the last few) but UNC is Okay...

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