What do you think is gonna happen with all of these free tv and movie site?

mean someone has copy rights to all those movies and TV shows so do you think that those sites are going to be shut down sometime soon or do you think that soon everyone will just hook up their tvs to the computer and watch their shows with out commercial interruptions?

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    1 decade ago
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    The purpose of television today is still to show commercials and charge advertisers for that time that the commercial is on. In prime time, that can be hundreds of thousands of dollars per 30 second spot. At a big event, like America's Superbowl, it millions of dollars per spot. That's how networks make money.

    The people who make and sell advertising will never let their empire go without quite a fight. As these pirate sites are tracked down, they are closed, and their download lists are being turned over to police for criminal charges, and to civil attorneys for law suits to recover revenue that downloaders have stolen from the film/TV makers. One girl here in Y!A recently was charged $17,000 for her illegal downloads. Stealing is a crime, after all.

    Last week in the US, FOX-TV blackmailed Bright House Cable Network into paying for their formerly free feed for the BCS Champion Game between U of Texas and 'Bama. Details are sketchy, but Bright House paid up, which means that all of the networks will now or soon charge for free feeds, so cable prices will go up again.

    Soon, there may be no free TV at all.

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