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16 year old dating a 24 year old in ohio?

if a 16 year old girl is dating a 24 year old guy in ohio is there any legal action the girls parents could take that would get him in trouble? also is it legal for them to have sex? be very detailed please.

i would like to know everything any loopholes or anything that could be legally used against him please!


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    I would be veryyyy careful. Yes it is considered illegal to have sex, for it could be considered statatory rape, because you are not over 18 years old. Also, even though many couples have a large age gape, for some reason it is looked down upon younger generations (for the maturity difference.. but that is still REALLY hypocritcal.. just saying). So be aware that any law enforcement or parent may have this view as well. Also, the parents would be able to charge the man with staturatory rape or just an inappropriate relationship with a minor (or something along the lines, I'm not sure about the actual legal term), without the minor's consent because the girl is under 18 years old.

    Hope that helps.

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    Nope, it's actually not statutory rape as people are telling you, the age of consent in Ohio is 16, so once girl or boy turns 16, they can legally have as much sex as they want with anyone older than 16. There is no legal action the 16 year old girl could take in this case unless she was forced, inwhich case she was raped and she could testify, but if a 16 year old girl gets knocked up in ohio, there is nothing she can do to the man.

    jump to ohio when you get there

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    Im aussie, so I don't know the age u can legally have sex.

    But the plain outright truth, a situation like this is where we call the bloke Jailbait.

    I used to be on the streets of adelaide.

    Try 21 with 13 female. I flogged the bloke.

    Though 16 is age of consent in most aussie states, and if u feel ure in the right frame of mind to make the decision, if i knew u, i personally wouldn't have a problem in the situationl.

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    Yes it's considered statutory rape. It is a sex crime & he can face prison time. This sort of thing is taken REALLY serious & for good reason. When you are 18, then it is considered legal to date anyone 18 & over. Children cannot always make the best choices at such a young age, hence the law that was implicated that it is ILLEGAL for an adult to date a child/person under 18 years of age. Hope this helped. Good luck & be safe!

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    7 yrs its not that bad of an age diffrence but in your case it is. Physically you may think you are meant for each other but think about the long term consequences. For one thing what are yall going to do for fun? You cant have sex 24/7. You may want to do things teenagers want to do while he would want to do what grownups do. You are not legally able to go to a club yet alone a bar. Do you think he would like to gang around your young friends or vise versa. If is just sexual go a head but dont do it if feelings are involved because it wont last long believe me. It would have made a diffrence if you were 20 and him 27. Your still too young and he needs to find someone hes age.

  • According to most websites that i am looking at the age of consent is 16 years old in Ohio, so technically its not illegal to be with the 24 year old....HOWEVER that doesnt mean that things can happen...what I would do is just date him for now....and if you do have sex make sure that both of you are sober and collective and has thought this through completely...down to condoms and or birth control just to make sure and that you both agree that you are capable of making this decision....good luck!!!

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    Yes it is illegal, and there are no loop holes, age of consent is ALWAYS 18.

    your parents can literally take your underwear and have them checked for DNA that belongs to him. if they find it, he'll be a registered sex offender.

    Also if he EVER takes you past state lines, it's a felony, and he will once again be prosecuted, all your parents will have to do is prove he took you past state lines.

    If you ever get pregnant at age 16, that alone is enough to lock him up

    so yes you're an idiot, and he's a loser for not being able to date a 24 year old woman.

    • robin4 years agoReport

      not illegal in ohio age of concent is 16 so stop talking about things you don't know **** about idiot

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    from what i know, it is not legal for an adult, to be going out with a kid under 18 yrs of age, there is legal actions you can take, but im not sure which they are, and im pretty sure it is illegal for them to have sex

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    Statutory rape, the girl is a minor and jail bait. Come on date within your own age group. Obviously you know it's wrong given your preceding NOTE:

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