a.New Deal and Civil Rights

k.undeclared naval war

b.Charles Lindbergh

l.Tripartite Pact

c.Arms producers, sellers, and banks






f.Neutrality Acts




h."Cash and Carry”

r.Germany and Italy


s.Germany First

j.fall of Europe to Nazi control

t.one hour late

1. by the fall of 1941, US was involved with Germany in this

2. declared war on US following US delcaration of war on Japan

3. an act to deny trade

4. Created the alliance of Japan, Germany, and Italy

5. Japan delvered their ultimatum

6. Famous American who advocated Isolationism

7. The Third Neutrality Act allowed sale of arms to these powers (if this was in the national interest)

8. war material

9. biggest foe of Neutrality Acts

10. against relationships that lead to war

11. not taking sides in a conflict

12. Social reformers feared that entering into another war would end this and trample what?

13. WWI saved this, according to Nye

14. event that sparked the change in the Neutrality Acts

15. final warning given in advance of an attack

16. if you had the money than you could trade with the US

17. Isolationists believed these were responsible for WWI

18. Committee that investigated the reasons for WWI

19. American and British commanders decided to focus on this policy in WWII

20. Investigations regarding the reasons for WWI led to these acts of Congress

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