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How could you drive an all electric car like the new Prius that's coming out on a vacation trip that's over?

1000 miles away?

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    The Prius is not a fully electric vehicle, but rather a gas/electric hybrid where either the engine or motors (or both) can propel the car, which means you would just fill it up with gas like a normal car. The electric motors just extend the overall range before you have to fill up.

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    First of all you have to learn to separate "vacation driving" from "daily grind driving". Sit down and look at how many miles and how much money you spend commuting back and forth to work. The figures are surprising. The 5 day a week commute consumes the largest amount of fuel money.

    Your 1000 mile trip is done once, maybe twice a year, not every day. Why not utilize the most efficient and cleanest vehicle to make that daily 35 mile round trip. Save the gas burning monstrosity for the weekend. Or better yet forgo having a second gas car. Rent a Prius for the 1000 mile vacation trip with the money you didn't spend on gas the rest of the year. Why do you need a vehicle capable of vacation driving around all of the time?

    As the other answers have pointed out the Prius is NOT an electric car. If you truly have such a bad case of range anxiety wait for the Chevrolet Volt. It is an EV with a gas burning generator to keep you going when the measly 40 mile battery runs out.

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    The same way you'd drive any normal car: Fill the gas tank and start driving, stopping to refill the gas tank at the halfway point.

    The "new Prius that's coming out" that I *assume* you're referring to is a plug-in hybrid. That's NOT an electric car, but simply a modified version of the existing Prius. Currently it is planned to have a Lithium-Ion battery with a bigger capacity than the existing Nickel Metal Hydride battery, and you can plug it in to give it a sufficient charge for short trips. But when you hit the road on your big vacation, it will automatically start running the gasoline engine before too long.

    Source(s): Read the details yourself at Toyota's website.
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    Well I suppose you could carry a small generator and battery charger and stop every little bit and twiddle your thumbs while you recharged the battery. Basically the cars are not designed to be your sole means of transportation. They're only practical for driving to and from work and around town.

    Source(s): Been repairing and restoring cars for over 50 years.
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    they are hybrids not electric,,you can drive them for ever,the battery gets charged with the brakes,,,

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