Stick with the noob or pce to a new man?

ok so ive been dating this one guy on and off for over a year now and he doesn't even seem interested in me. I love him allot. but he would honestly rather spend his time getting high and playing xbox then with me. and when we hang out all he does is want sex and game. I like pwning a noob with a hardcore head shot on COD: MW2 as much as the next guy with Xs in front of his name and 3's for E's in his gamer tag BUT, it really seems like im less important to him and its been like this for a long time, i don't know whether i should move on, and find someone interested or put up with his addiction to xbox live? i have a few guys interested and i kinda want to be single again, but i don't want to make a mistake. Is this guy worth watching endless hours of COD , when i would much rather oh i dunno communicate HELP!!! BTW im 17

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Get a new guy. Don't feed the addicts. Let them do something productive with their lives.

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