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What can/cant/should/shouldnt you do when you're pregnant?

So I am 15 and I just found out that I am pregnant...I know what you're thinking...but anyway...I know the basic stuff about pregnancy but I want to make sure I know everything I need to know so that I don't risk hurting the baby, or something like can someone just tell me like what I can and can't do and what I should and shouldn't do pleassse? Thank you sososo much!!!

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    Say Yes, Yes, Yes to:

    Take your prenatal vitamins regularly. Folic acid is a prerequisite during the first trimester and iron is very, very essential.

    Attend your prenatal check-ups regularly. If you miss any, schedule one immediately for that month

    Wear your seatbelt whenever in cars, vans or trucks

    Take sufficient rest and keep stress at bay

    Eat healthy, fiber-rich foods with lots of vegetables and fruits. Drink sufficient low-fat milk, yogurt to get your calcium supply.

    Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of fluids, especially water. Go easy with juices, namely the commercial variety, because of the high sugar content

    Visit your dentist regularly

    Get into regular physical activity like walks, swimming to keep you fit (check with your doctor first before starting anything)

    Get your calcium from low fat milk, yogurt, low ice-cream

    Indulge in massages, warm showers to relax those muscles

    Say No, No, No to:

    Raw, uncooked or undercooked meat and eggs. Eat cooked meals only

    Caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea, colas

    Excessive or vigorous exercise and physical activities. Seek your doctor's advice on safe forms of exercises and do them in moderation.

    Cough and cold medications and all other over-the-counter drugs without checking with your health care provider first

    Alcoholic drinks including wine. You will not know the safe amounts you can consume so why not avoid them altogether.

    Toxic chemicals such as paints and pesticides

    Smoking and secondhand smoke

    X-rays unless your doctor has Okayed it.

    Aspirin and other analgesics, sleeping pills (consult with your doctor first)

    Hot environments such as saunas or hot baths. High temperatures is risky for your baby

    High fat and sugary foods. Opt for healthier snacks like fruits

    Saccharin - Go for sugar instead

    Sodium - eat it in moderation to control the incidence of edema

    Stress, Create a positive environment through with good books, soothing music etc anything to keep your mind off tension.

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    Hey, and no u dont know what i am thinking, because not everyone thinks like that. I was actually 17 when i had my first child. I was pregnant at 16 and had a child by 17, and i am now 29 with 3 children. What should u care what other people think! its not there life its yours. Anyway make sure u take pregnancy vitamins, dont smoke, dont drink, get as must rest as you can and try and not stress. Also make sure that u attend every post natal visit with your local GP or hospital mid wife. Good luck and dont listen to much to what people say, have faith in yourself and u will do fine.

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    You SHOULD be getting proper and regular prenatal care throughout your entire pregnancy.

    Consume a healthy diet.

    Get exercise.

    Drink lots of water.

    Do not smoke.

    Do not do drugs.

    Do not drink alcohol.

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    Get a pregnancy book or go to

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    Start taking prenatal vitamins (you can get them at any store that sells vitamins) and get in to see a doctor!

    Source(s): 32 weeks
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    stop posting your age kids

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