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Is it possible to actually feel sore after having a dream?

This is really strange. So I had a dream last night that I am in Japan. Somehow , I get dropped off near an overpass and somehow I have a mountain bike. I know that I am looking for a certain exit, 4th street. Well, I start going up this overpass with the bike. I start realizing that the overpass is way more steep than I had anticipated , I keep going though, as much as it physically hurting my legs and body, I keep going, I can feel the sweat dripping from my head and body, I am now close to the top , but Im not sure I can make it, I am starting to feel nausea and fatigue , so I get off the bike and put it on my shoulder, surprisingly, its not heavy? I begin to walk up towards the top of the overpass, at last, its better now so I get back on the bike and head down to the bottom. As I reach the bottom , I see that there is this man about to close this huge gate, I pass him on the bike and begin to realize that I never found my exit!!! 4th street, I look at the man and ask him , if he knows where 4th street exit is, He said that I passed it a long time ago! I have to turn around and endure that again! , SO I ask the man if he can stop the gate from closing, He says no, and I panic, feeling stuck.

This morning , My hamstrings were on fire! so sore as if I really went up a steep overpass! so so so weird.

Does anyone know what this dream is saying? I tried to look online for dream interpretations, but I had no luck.

Please someone help me analyze this dream.

Thank you !

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    It's possible that your dream is showing you that you have a hard road ahead of you and that you need to try to find the right path to go down, even though you might get lost or have minor setbacks on the way. As for the soreness after the dream, it's very possible that your dream was so intense and seemed so real that you were actually tensing up your muscles and moving around as you were in the dream, which can cause some serious soreness if you do it long enough. I know this because I tend to move around in my sleep and can wake up sore or tired, and my boyfriend gets annoyed cause I will pull on him or kick him in my sleep haha.

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