Famous princesses such as Princess Grace Kelly?

I have to do a project at school called Wax Museum. We dress up as a person, famous who should have done like good things, and do a biography on her and everything. Then we have to present it to our school and to a elementary school. I want to do a princess. A famous princess who, like, did good things. I already thought of princess Diana, but I want other suggestions. Any thoughts?

I already thought of Princess Grace Kelly and Princess Zara Phillips (I like her) but did they contribute to the world? Like, is there something big they did?


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  • 1 decade ago

    Zara Phillips isn't a princess. She is the daughter of one, but her father has no royal or noble title and so nor does she, because titles go only through the male line - who her mother is makes no difference. This even applies to the Queen - her children are princes and princesses only because King George VI issued Letters Patent in 1948 declaring that they will be.

    Princess Grace was famous as an actress, but that's her main achievement. Yes, Princess Diana is an obvious one.

    Zara's mother, Princess Anne, is another possibility - she is the most hardworking member of the British Royal Family (not that you hear much about it - probably because she is not so personally glamorous and popular). She is patron of Sense (The National Deafblind and Rubella Association), president of the Save the Children Fund, Commandant-in-Chief of St. John Ambulance Cadets, a British representative on the International Olympic Committee (having been an Olympic competitor herself in show-jumping events, as Zara is now), and created The Princess Royal Trust for Carers (her official title is HRH the Princess Royal). She does a huge amount of work for all of them, often travelling all over the world, and is involved with about 200 charities in all. It might be interesting to do her as someone less well known for what she does.

  • 1 decade ago

    I quite agree with the member who suggests that if you are looking for a real Princess who actually accomplishes good things, then the Princess Royal of the UK is your best bet to do a school project on.

    She works harder at her "job" than most of the family, and does so in a very low key, most professional way.

    One imagines that, like her parents, she will still be hard at it until the day she is too sick and old to leave her bed.

    She is a real working royal who actually works with many, many charities....is an excellent fund-raiser for the charities, represents the UK royal family with dignity and distinction, is not a publicity hound, is a good mother, and still runs a very large house with a home farm.

    Yes, doing all that is something very, very big. She also tries to do it without calling a great deal of attention to herself, and I can never remember an incident where her family was embarrassed or humiliated with anything she has ever done.

    She is a professional, dedicated woman and the UK is very proud of her.

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