Does anyone know where I can buy a rabbit in MIssissippi?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Check out your local humane society. They may have rabbits for adoption. You can also google up: "rabbit rescue - "your area" for rabbits available for adoption in your area.

    Rather than "buying" a rabbit it is much more prudent to go through a rescue organization. You will get a darling bunny who has had a health and temperament test, one that is already neutered, and have access to the expertise of people dedicated to caring for them - you will get a good education on rabbit needs, diet, references for veterinarians in your area knowledgeable about bunnies, etc. and always have people to turn to if you have questions or problems with your bun.

  • 1 decade ago fill out the info on the left side and it will show you rabbits needing new homes :3

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