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In roulette what does table bet limit / table maximum / minimum means?

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    1 decade ago
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    self explanatory

    minimum bet might be $1.00

    maximum bet might be $100.00

    each casino has its own rules

  • pdq
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    10 years ago

    Right. You can't just walk up to the table and place $10,000 on "Red". If the maximum is $2,000, then you can only bet that much.

    You also can't just walk up and bet $1. If the minimum bet is $5, then you'll have to at least bet that much.

    ***By the way, if you really don't know about table minimums and maximums, my guess is you've never actually played roulette. If that is true, congratulations! You have "won" more money that anyone! Roulette is a losing proposition. Anyone that tells you otherwise is either lying to you, or is truly an idiot.

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