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How much seaweed or fresh water moss do i put in a 2 liter bottle to keep a fresh water fish alive for 2 weeks?

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  • catx
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    This sounds like a school project, in which case tell your teacher to stop being a dumbass and research proper fish care - a 2 litre bottle with a bit of plant is NOT going to support ANY fish. In order to put enough plants in the water to balance everything out, there wouldn't be enough room for water nor the fish!!

    NO fish can be kept in a tiny 2 litre ANYTHING. If that's a Goldfish they NEED over 75-100 litres, with a proper established filter. If it's something smaller like a Guppy or Minnow they still need over 40-50 litres, again, filtered. You see the theme here? Yep a filter. OH and what happens to said fish after 2 weeks?

    The plants to replace the need of a filter is a fairly complex method and requires a LARGER volume of water and still isn't recommended to use fish, more like a couple of ghost shrimp. See here:

    And it gets quite technical!!!!

  • Gary C
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    A healthy fish can live for two weeks without eating anything, but keeping a fish in a 2-liter bottle is a really bad idea. I don't know of any fish that would do well in this kind of habitat.

  • 4 years ago

    relies upon on what variety of fish. Salmon stay interior the sea yet spawn in freshwater. Their hatchlings commence existence in clean water then swim back to the sea. i'm uncertain what organ helps them to do this (maximum possibly the kidneys) yet various species of saltwater fish can do this. i've got not heard of a freshwater fish that spawns in saltwater yet there are additionally fish that stay in estuaries the place salt and clean water blend. in case you have been to take a freshy and throw him in salt or vice versa they might die from kidney failure interior 10 minutes.

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