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If you compare the US Presidency as that of a ball coach, how would Obama rate?

If you realistically and honestly looked at the some of the responsibilities of the US President and rated Bush he would have had 7 winning seasons and one losing season. Unemployment was at record lows for 7 years, the economy was booming for 7 years, housing starts were at record levels, he responded to the attacks of 9/11 in a manner that has deterred others from trying it, he fixed the vulnerabilities in our security systems that allowed fro 9/11 to happen and he restructured FEMA after their poor performance dealing with the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Clinton had a winning record as well...just thought I'd mention that.

All in all a winning record.....

Now, President Obama....what is his record? He has set records but in the negative way...so far it has been a losing season...nothing has gone right. Yet, as a President just like a coach he recruits his team....he directs his team...if they fail it is his fault. However, he keeps blaming the past President for leaving him with problems....GET A CLUE BARRY there are always problems...huge problems there were problems when Bush took Office and when Clinton took office....it comes with the job, in fact IT IS YOUR JOB TO DEAL WITH THE PROBLEMS. Obama brought his own people in....these are his players, with his coaching. What we are seeing is the result of Obama's skills and abilities in dealing with the problems. Not, Bush's Bush is not the coach.

I am a Kentucky basketball fan...the university hired Billy Gillespie as head coach to replace Tubby Smith 3 years ago...Billy's record for his 2 years as head coach were horrible. So he was fired and a new coach was hired, John Calipari, in his first season as UK head coach he is currently 16 wins zero losses. He never blamed Gillespie for anything...he never had an excuse. It's HIS JOB he owns it. If Calipari had not been this successful would it have been fair to blame the past coach?

Just a comparison. Obama still blames Bush for everything and his fan are OK with that.....Get real people, Obama is not doing a good job and many of us are wanting him replaced ASAP.

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    Wouldn't you love for politicians to have to live in the real world? Can you imagine having a coach you've loved for eight years, who has not won every game, but had eight winning seasons? Then he retires and a new coach comes in, destroys the team, changes everyone's pay so that the top performers make the same money as the lesser skilled rookies, changes the way everything is done, and then blames the old coach when the team fails?

    If only politicians had to live in the real world...


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