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If Obama is succeeding ?

Why is Obama proving that " yes we can " has really become " NO HE CAN'T ! " ?

If Obama is succeeding ; why are so many Obamabots making excuses for his failures ?



Obama's " stimulus plan " will create millions of new jobs = FAILURE

Obama will bring the troops home from Iraq during his first 90 days in office = FAILURE

Obama's " cash for clunkers " plan will help save American car companies + improve environmental pollution problems = FAILURE

Obama will not increase taxes on those earning $ 250,000 or less per year = FAILURE

Obama will make his administration " transparent " = FAILURE

Obama will make a " universal health care plan " which will pay for itself + reduce health care costs charged ny doctors & hospitals + not cost any taxpayer dollars = FAILURE

Obama will not reduce Medicare benefits = FAILURE

Obama will not allow illegal aliens to receive universal health care benefits = FAILURE

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    at dividing the country? at bringing back severe partisan rancor in DC? at shoving us further in to debt? at signaling to our enemies that we dont have the stomach to fight them back? at putting race relations back 50 years with his own racist tendencies and double standards?


    edit @ Micheal Jackson ( a pedophile ) Forever....LMAO! whatever!

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    Bush 2002-2006 was pretty good for most of the country. Newt 1994-1999 was also pretty good for the country. Tough to choose. I'd have to go with Bush, no stained interns. Is that Obama's new slogan " When and IF?"

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    You don't provide sources. Every administration has successes and failures... it would be very reasonable to say that Obama (like any president) has had failures. Why didn't you list the failures and what his defenders are saying about those failures?

    Until you do some research I can't take your question seriously. This is just a rant.

  • Obama had a big mess to clean up from Bush, so he's a little busy at the moment. Let's take a look at the bigger picture, here. If Obama could change this country, he would. It's harder than it looks. I'd like to see you take over, if you think you can do a better job. Every president wants to be popular, and all of them try. Obama is trying to this pull the United States out of the water, just give him a little time.

    P.S. If these Republicans would get there head out of the clouds, and stop rejecting the amazing birth child of Clinton, the health care bill, it could be a little easier.

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    What is scary here is that you are a top contributor

    The amount of anti Obama posts brings people to argue against them and so we are making excuses

    What is your point why do you guys want to rewrite history/

    I guess every now and then a contributor like myself comes along and try’s to argue this point but you just keep flooding the forum with your bulls**t and they get frustrated and move on.

    You say you stand for democracy and free speech but you really are just a propaganda machine working with the same tenacity as that of Hitler’s regime during his reign.

    I guess soon I will be blocked by many of you for my views and my freedom of speech will be restricted

    You only cause to prove to me that the world truly does need the democrats in power if this world has any hope at all

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    That's only in your own silly world. You call him a failure, but why don't you elaborate and tells us exactly how he's failing? We'll be waiting for some examples!

  • and why are 10 democrats quitting in the house, and at least 2 in the senate so far with more to


  • libs are having buyers remorse because they thought they had something better than Bush, turns out Obama makes Bush look like a hero. Libs are idiot loons that hate America

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    Obama is succeeding in his efforts to destroy America. Yes he can.

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    what failures are that ? The ability to be taking us out of a Republican depression?

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