What are some milestones in the history of the death penalty in the United States?

I figured that Furman vs. Georgia is one of them. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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  • Mutt
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    1 decade ago
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    Gregg v. Georgia is the case that lifted the moratorium on capital punishment that occurred because of Furman v. Georgia.

    Kennedy v. Louisiana said that a person cannot be sentenced to death by the States for a crime that does not result in the taking of another person's life.

    Roper v. Simmons was about sentencing to death for crimes committed as a minor (overturned Stanford v. Kentucky).

    Atkins v. Virginia said executing a mentally retarded dependent violated the 8th Amendment (overturned Penry v. Lynaugh).


    Source(s): Here is a link to many other cases, included those I listed: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._Supreme_...
  • tonnie
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    3 years ago

    The loss of existence Penalty is, forever, no longer a good ingredient. constructive, as some clever git stated, the fee of recidivism among those receiving the loss of existence penalty in nil, in spite of the shown fact that it is not even remotely a deterrent as others have stated. If it replaced right into a deterrent those places in usa which nonetheless prepare it would have a decrease fee of crime than different places which do no longer. And do they? No, they do no longer. No justice device is so infallible that it may wisely say each and every of the human beings it executes have been accountable. no longer interior the U. S., no longer in Britain, no longer everywhere. Police are particularly circumstances corrupt and fabricate information (diverse intense profile circumstances interior the united kingdom, exceedingly bearing directly to IRA terrorism) or perhaps ordinary errors recommend the incorrect guy gets convicted. i'm constructive all you people who think of the loss of existence penalty is super does no longer techniques being injected/ electrocuted or in spite of the shown fact that it extremely is accomplished over there for somebody else's crime. And, particularly for Gordon Gecko... particular, we detrimental Euro kinds totally comprehend that individuals often do no longer care what we expect of. i've got observed that basically very hardly does your government pay a blind little bit of word the two. All we'd ask, as a result, is that your government stops playing God with something of the international, because of the fact no person else cares what you think of. in simple terms being a US citizen would not immediately make you top.

  • Bill C
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    10 years ago

    William Kemmler was the first to be executed in the electric chair. It happened in New York on 06-AUG-1890. Thomas Edison had a lot to do with the development of the AC (Westinghouse) Electric Chair to show how dangerous AC current was (as opposed to Edison's DC current he was promoting).

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