If i live in Michigan can I take the GED test for Ohio?

I live just over the MI/Ohio border and was just wondering if this is possible. I have also heard that the Ohio GED test is easier then most states. Also, what are the requirements for testing in both states?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    According to the Ohio Department of Education website you can:

    Can a person from out of state or out of country take the GED test in Ohio?

    Yes. Any person can take the GED test in Ohio if he or she has a valid driver license from any state or a passport. Before registering for the GED test, the student must apply and pay the $40 application fee.

    Each non-Ohioan that passes the GED test will receive an Official GED Transcript. They will not receive a diploma. Students may use the Official GED Transcript as proof of passing the GED test, which is equal to having a high school diploma.

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    As far as l know that you can take the GED teat anywhere. You do not want to lose or miss place the test results because getting another copy is almost impossible to get.

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