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What is the best pistol for home defense in .45 ACP?

I'd like a weapon that is under $800. It doesn't matter the kind of gun or model. Just something in 45 ACP. Something that shoots well and is reliable.


Thank you Jerry H for your elaborate response. I'll take into account what you said. I should of however also stated I am an experienced shooter. I am soon joining the National guard as an 18x special forces Contract. I own a PX4 storm in 9mm. Also a Glock in 9mm. Just mostly looking for people's opinions that are familiar with what shoots best in .45 ACP.

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    I think is good buy original pistol of .45 ACP, is Colt "1911A1" or "Government" at civilian verions, Colt improve it several times, are many copies of it, can pay much money, I doubt anyone need buy $2000 Colt 1911 copy, original is adequate, my cousin begin shoot piostols age 11, his first pistol is Colt 1911 .45 ACP, he is big and strong, beat several men first time he shoot it, use it and newer versions since age 11, also use Heckler & Koch "P9S" .45 ACP, it not sold now, too costly anyhow, I think it cost $1428 at 1992. EEDIT: Jerry give much general advice is good, not recomemnd any specific pistol however.

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