سشي بشؤث ه ؤشىف قثشي فاهي ]: Wat does this mean!?

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سشي بشؤث ه ؤشىف قثشي فاهي ]: What language is this and what does it mean?!
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when using an Arabic keyboard to type these letters with your pc is switched to type English ,you'll get this( sad face i cant read thid), I think ''thid '' should be (this) cause these letters(d,s) are next to each other and they made a mistake.
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  • Izz answered 4 years ago
    Someone playing with his keyboard while it's in Arabic typing mode.
    These are random characters and the words are meaningless.
    Is he/she someone making fun?
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  • McDonalds Girl answered 4 years ago
    Im anxious to know too :-)
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