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How do you spell expressions like haha in Spanish?

How do you spell the the following expressions in Spanish:

haha = jaja

hehe = jiji

awww Example: Aww that's so cute

ohhh Example: ohhhh, that guy just fell

Ahhh Example: Ahhh, I just hit my leg

Boo Example: BOO! I just scared you

Bang Example: The gun went BANG!

Boom Example: The bomb went BOOM!

uhh Example: Uhh, she is so ugly

uhh Example: During sex I say uhhh alot.

Arrrr Example: The pirate said arrrr.

Pop Example: The cap went pop as it came off.

Ching Example: When I dropped the change it went ching

Doh Example: Homer Simpson said "Doh" when he stubbed his toe

Yay Example: Yay, we won the game

Yeah Example: Yeah, I want one too

Yippie Example: Yippie, my mommy is home

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    haha = jaja

    hehe = jiji

    aww = ah

    ahh = ay, huy

    boo = bu

    bang = pum (this is very Spanish, but we also use BANG)

    boom = bum

    uh = uf, guácala

    uh = ah

    arrr = grrrr

    pop = pum (but people also uses POP)

    ching = no equivalent

    doh = many equivalents, some of them very dirty: caray, pucha, mierda,

    yay = viva, hurra, bravo

    yeah = sí (I think we don't have an informal way of saying SI =YES)

    yippie = viva, bravo, hurra (also, "yupi", but this is very childish)

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