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What would you name twins with these initials?

1. They were twin boys with the initials BL and OT

2. Boy/Girl twins, initials MS and GR (pick which you want to be the girl and the boy)

3, twin girls, initials CS and AM

Have fun!

Here are my answers

Twin boys--Benjamin Luke and Owen Thomas

b/g twins Graham Riley and Madeline Sophia

twin girls--Cara Sydney and Alexis Marissa

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    Blake Landon and Oliver Thomas.

    Matthew Spencer and Gabriella Rose.

    Carol Samantha and Alexis Madelyn.

    Blake and Oliver.- Blay and Oli.

    Matthew and Gabriella.- Matt and Gab.

    Carol and Alexis.- Carrie and Lexi.

    Good Question!

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    Aww, Congratulations and better of superb fortune xxx A: Amy Ava Ada Ana Anna Annie Alice Alanna Alicia Ashley Amira Amber Aurora Arianna Amanda Aurellia Avaleigh Annabella Annemarie B: Bree Brielle Brigid Bailey Brenna Brianna Brenda Bernadette C: Cara Clara Ciara Clarissa Cecelia Calissta Caroline Catherine D: Dana Dorothy Delilah Dahlia Danielle Daniella

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    1. Brandon Luke and Oliver Thomas

    2. Mason Scott and Georgia Rae.

    3. Cadence Skye and Annabelle Mae

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    Bradley Lucas and Oscar Timothy

    Michelle Sophie and Gray Rhys

    Callie Sue and Anne Mae

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  • 1. Benjamin Liam & Oliver Thomas

    2. Madeleine Sophia & Graham Riley

    3. Catherine Scarlett & Abigail Matilda


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    1.) Brody Liam and Oliver Tristan

    2.) Matilda Sophie and Gabriel River

    3.) Charlotte Sara and Audrey Michelle

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    Bradley Lucas & Owen Tyler

    Grant Robert & Madeleine Stephanie

    Caitlyn Sierra & Annabelle Marina


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    1. Brandon Levi and Oliver Tristan

    2. Macy Summer and Gavin Ryan

    3. Charlotte Sienna and Ava Michelle

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    1. Brody Lucas and Owen Thomas

    2. Maggie Sophia and Grant Ryan

    3. Caitlin Sarah and Ava Marie

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    1. Byron Leonardo & Oliver Thaddeus

    2. Magdalena Simone & Grayson Roscoe

    3. Catherine Serena & Anneliese May


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