Can i get into these colleges?

I was just going over some options for applying to colleges, and I wanted some opinions from people. Right now I have around a 4.0(weighted), or around a 3.5(unweighted) GPA. I got a 2100 on my SAT. 700 on Math, and 700 on Reading. Assuiming I have a couple extracirricular activities outside school and in school, would I have a good chance, if any, of getting into any of these colleges...(Which ones?)

-MIT(massachusetts institute of technology)




-California Institute of Technology

If these seem like a bit of a reach to you let me know, but please only respond if you have some credibility or experience for what you are talking about. Also, If this plays in I am interested in Engineering and in Biology/Medicine. Thanks.

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    You have almost exactly very close to zero chance for any of these schools.

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    Sorry to break it to you, but these are all reach schools. I mean, you could have an unweighted 4.0 and perfect board scores and these schools would still be iffy. It does depend on your extracurriculars, recommendations, etc...

    2100 is high but it's not outstanding. For many of these schools, it is lower than their accepted average. And a 3.5 is high, but it is not in competition with these schools. Also, if your GPA is a weighted 4.0, it sounds like your classes may not be that hard. You have also picked two of the most competitive majors in the country.

    There are plenty of other great colleges out there that are a LOT less competitive and a lot better (I know for a fact that Harvard spends notoriously little amounts of time and money on undergrads and focus mainly on their graduates). You should check out some other schools because you might find a better one that is less competitive.

    You are obviously smart, so don't let this discourage you from applying to any/all of the schools on your list, but just keep in mind that they have thousands of applicants vying to fill only a few places. But if you are really serious about one of these schools, apply Early Decision and you're competition pool will be smaller.

    Go to to read up on more colleges besides the über competitive ones (everyone needs safety schools). Also, if you have your heart set on these schools and you don't get it, you can always transfer later. Or who knows? You might end up falling in love with wherever you end up going.

    Source(s): I know a lot about college admissions.
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    yea i'm actually in the same place right now and i'm a junior with a 4.83 weighted GPA AND 4.0 unweighted.

    well... i think you could definitely have a chance at MIT or California institute of technology

    ..the ivy league schools.... maybe yeah you could

    how did you get exactly 700 on all sections on the SAT?

    but you have the perfect range for the ivy league schools go check on

    answer mine please haha;_ylt=Am5Hi...

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    All of those schools are "reach schools" to any student, even valedictorians. Although you stand a chance, and should apply.

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    They are all reaches, but not out of reach. Make sure you have a safety.

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