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internet explore or firefox??

what web browser is faster internet explore or firefox ????????

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    FIREFOX!! faster, better, more secure, modern day web standards, very few security leaks, and you know how your computers gets slow over time? its because IE has all these security leaks that leak in bad crap. ive been using firefox for as long as i remember and all 6 of my computers run like they're brand new :)

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    I use firefox for a couple reasons. First off, I find it to run a lot smoother and faster. It also coded much better, and is open source, so it allows for a lot of tweaking to your personal tastes via add ons and such.

    Also, there are a lot of standards for web coding, firefox follows these very strictly, it makes coding a webpage a lot easier. Many times when coding you need to put a line in that checks to make sure you are NOT using IE, and if you are to not display a certain element because it just doesn't support it

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    i latterly started making use of Firefox and prefer it plenty extra useful. it somewhat is plenty quicker than information superhighway Explorer. Firefox has no longer "encountered" any unpredicted errors, forcing it to close out yet interior the 6 weeks when you consider that I downloaded it. That replaced into occurring to me quite a few situations an afternoon with Explorer. Then it in simple terms stopped commencing particular pages altogether simply by javascript errors, which I nonetheless have not been waiting to repair. i admire the format of Firefox extra useful, besides. No lawsuits yet. stable success.

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    Firefox. I've used both and I love firefox way more. Plus it's a lot easier to use and more user-friendly.

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  • Mozilla Firefox for sure. If you get a virus it will still let you go to websites and let you get the things you need to get rid of it. Its real fast also.

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    Check this site out for a comparison.

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    google chrome ftw

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