Is cancer long lived?

Now I dont mean do people with cancer live long. I am doing a problem for science and it says: Cancer is a disease related to cell life span and cell division. If cancer cells were added to the data table(the data table isnt that important) predict what would be written under the columns headed "life span" and "cell division." Explain the reasoning underlying you predictions. All I want to know is does Cancer ever die?

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    Of course most cancer cell lines die when the human host dies, but there are exceptions in a laboratory environment.

    Some cancer cell lines are immortal in laboratory growth media long after a person has died. The classic case is the cancer cell line of Ms. Henrietta Lacks - so called HeLa cells. This cell line was saved (without family permission) after her death and is an immortal cell line used in scientific research. The cell line was derived from cervical cancer cells taken from Henrietta Lacks who died from her cancer in October 1951. This cell line is so persistant in growth and survival that it contaminates many other cell lines used in research.

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    Cancer can be taken out and stop temporarily, however it can never die since there will always be one or two cells left that will divide and thus starts the cycle again.

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    It can be cured, yes

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