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I want to know how much a signed tennis shirt by Martina Hingis is worth.?

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    I am not sure how much especially as she hasn't been on the tour for the last few years.

    I find it laughable that Addison hasn't heard about Martina Hingis. Youngest Grand slam champion of all time. She nearly won a calendar grand slam 2 years after becoming pro at the age of 16/17 having lost in the Frech Open final that year.

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    I would say that probably it would be more than 100 bucks because she was a really good tennis player.

    adisson is a complete ignorant if he had never heard about her.

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    well,considering i'm a obbsesive tennis player and i havent heard much about this girl, probably not too much but i'd say maybe about $40 or $50 dollars maybe a bit more

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    umm probably about 100 dollars.

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